Siew Sin’s directive to all MCA members to resign from all Merdeka University preparatory bodies

The DAP organising Secretary and candidate for Serdang, Mr. Lim Kit Siang, today issued the following statement (16.12.68):

The MCA President, Tun Tan Siew Sin, has issued a directive to all MCA members to resign from all protem organisations of the Merdeka University project, or face party discipline.

It is clear that Tun Tan Siew Sin and the MCA, who claim themselves to be the sole champions of Chinese language and education, have received an order from the UMNO not only to oppose the Merdeka University project, but to wreck and destroy it.

The Alliance are worried at the wide support the Merdeka University project is receiving among the people. They have therefore decided to do everything they can to prevent the Merdeka University from succeeding.

Tun Tan has ordered MCA members to resign from all Merdeka University preparatory bodies or face party discipline.

I will call on all MCA members voluntarily, in the love of Chinese language and education, serving on Merdeka University preparatory bodies, to resign from the MCA and remain on the Merdeka University project, because the educational venture will better serve the interest of the new generation of Malaysians.

I will also call on all these in the MCA, who still haven’t sold their soul for power, position and name, but who still cherish and want Chinese language and education to enjoy an equal place in Malaysia, to resign en bloc from the MCA, which has proved itself to be no more than pawn and tool of the UMNO – incapable of speaking up for the people’s interest.

There are a few Nanyang University graduates in the MCA, including the Alliance candidates for Serdang, Mr. Thuan Phaik Phok. I just cannot understand how they could join a party which opposed he Merdeka University or recognition of Nantah degrees and qualifications.

Have people like Mr. Thuan thought what would have happened to them if the Nanyang University project had failed – just as the MCA want the present Merdeka University to fail? Would they have had the benefit of a university education then?

The Nanyang University was the sole result of the people’s contribution to education, from all levels of the people, whether trishaw-rider, stevedore, factory worker, shop-assistant, barber, tailor, cobbler, teacher, businessman or millionaire, just as the Merdeka University is meant to be.

It makes one sad when one think of graduates from Nanyang University, instead of rallying behind the banner of the Merdeka University, should join forces with those who are opposed to it,

There is a saying in Chinese which……

Audited by: Joyce T. and Faiz M.