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Increase of local Telekom rates would be another blow to render ‘zero credibility’ to the government’s ‘zero inflation’

31995000+08:0011b+08:00Wed, 08 Nov 1995 17:04:27 +0800 8, 1995 - 5:04 p11

Call on Health Ministry to clarity its stand on HMOs and resolve the HMO controversy in Malaysia

31995000+08:0011b+08:00Wed, 08 Nov 1995 17:03:36 +0800 8, 1995 - 5:03 p11

Najib deserves a vote of censure in Parliament if he treats MPs with contempt by not giving them adequate time to study the new Education Bill 1995 before Parliamentary debate

31995000+08:0011b+08:00Wed, 08 Nov 1995 17:02:40 +0800 8, 1995 - 5:02 p11

DAP commends Malaysian Government for taking an active part in the International Court of Justice at The Hague to seek a world court declaration that possession of nuclear weapons violated international law

21995000+08:0011b+08:00Tue, 07 Nov 1995 17:01:38 +0800 7, 1995 - 5:01 p11

DAP calls for a National information Policy with the objective to restore press freedom by giving full meaning to Article 10 of the Malaysian Constitution on “freedom of speech and expression”

21995000+08:0011b+08:00Tue, 07 Nov 1995 17:00:16 +0800 7, 1995 - 5:00 p11

Deputy Information Minister’s threat to ban foreign publications most unwarranted and highlights the need for a shake-up of the Information Ministry to make it more in tune with the challenges of an Information Age

11995000+08:0011b+08:00Mon, 06 Nov 1995 16:59:03 +0800 6, 1995 - 4:59 p11

CHOGM should commission 1995 novel peace laureate, Joseph Rotblat and Pugwash Conferences of Science and world Affairs, to lead an international study and World Affairs, to lead an international Study of the impact of French nuclear tests on the environment and health of South Pacific islanders and the eco-system

11995000+08:0011b+08:00Mon, 06 Nov 1995 16:58:14 +0800 6, 1995 - 4:58 p11

Call on Anwar Ibrahim to give clear indication when winding up the budget next Tuesday as to whether the RM15 billion Bakun dam project would be delayed as part of the government plan to reschedule mega-projects to cool the economy.

11995000+08:0011b+08:00Mon, 06 Nov 1995 16:57:13 +0800 6, 1995 - 4:57 p11

DAP welcomes signs of a more open government attitude towards Internet and the backing down of the obscurantist approach advocated by the information Minister, Datuk Mohamed Rahmat

71995000+08:0011b+08:00Sun, 05 Nov 1995 16:55:56 +0800 5, 1995 - 4:55 p11

CHOGM in Auckland should call on France to fully end its decolonization process in South Pacific by granting independence to South Pacific islanders who are currently under French rule

71995000+08:0011b+08:00Sun, 05 Nov 1995 16:54:58 +0800 5, 1995 - 4:54 p11