China’s call for nuclear summit

China’s call for nuclear summit

China’s repeated call for a world nuclear summit conference to ban and destroy all nuclear weapons is indication of her interest to explore possibilities of world nuclear disarmament.

The fact that China, a nuclear power and the biggest country in the world with a quarter of mankind as her population, is barred membership from the United Nations is ample proof of the short-sighted and perverted foreign policy of the United States, the prime opponent to China’s entry to the U.N.

President Nixon is only making lip-service to America’s desire for world peace when he is the man responsible in blocking China’s entry into the world council of nations during his presidency. No solution to the world problems of war and peace can be found without china’s participation.

The superpowers must take China seriously and respect her as an equal in world power politics, if any headway is to be made in the search for greater world understanding and the lessening of world tensions.

The first concrete gesture the United States of America can make to the world to prove her sincerity in genuinely wanting to seek permanent solutions to the great problems of the age is to stop her 20-year old opposition to China’s admission into the U.N., and to stop her block of client-states in the United Nations from continuing with the opposition.