DAP MP’s Seminar on First and Second Malaysia Plan

DAP MP’s Seminar on First and Second Malaysia Plan

The second meeting of Parliament is likely to be in June, about two months hence.

The most important parliamentary business will be the government’s presentation of the Second Malaysia Plan.

Such a project will not only involve a debate on the government’s Second Malaysia Plan, which ash not yet been made public, but also a review and critique of the First Malaysia Plan, by comparing its promises with its performance.

All DAP MPs must prepare for this important debate, by reading and researching into ye development needs and requirements of our country, and pooling our ideas and viewpoints.

We propose to hold a two-day seminar on “Malaysia’s First and Second Development Plan” on 15th and 16th May 1971 in Kuala Lumpur for DAP Members of Parliament, open to all DAP State Assemblymen.

This seminar will be different from precious seminars in that all DAP MPs are expected to contribute directly to the discussions.

Every MP should singly or jointly with another MP or SA present a paper for discussion at this seminar, touching on a certain aspect of Malaysian development.

I propose to assign the following subjects to DAP MPs, for each of us to present a paper at the May seminar:

1. Dr.Chen Man Hin:”Has the First Malaysia Plan succeeded in its objective to promote the integration of the peoples and states of Malaysia by embarking upon a development plan explicity designed to promote the welfare of all?”

2. Walter Loh:”Has the First Malaysia Plan succeeded in providing steady increases in levels of income and consumption per head?

3. Goh Hock Guan:” Has the First Malaysia Plan succeeded in increasing the well-being of Malaysia’s rural inhabitants and other low-income groups, primarily by raising their productivity and thus their income earning capacity?”

4. Lim Cho Hock:”Has the First Malaysia Plan succeeded in generating employment opportunities at a rate sufficient to provide productive work for new entrants to the labour force and lower the rate of unemployment?”

5. Peter Dason:”Has the First Malaysia Plan succeeded in stimulating new kinds of economic activity, both agricultural and industrial, so as to reduce the nation’s dependence on rubber and tin?

6. Fan Yew Teng:”Has the First Malaysia Plan succeeded in its objective to educate and train Malaysians from all walks of life in order to equip them for effective participation in the process of economic and social development?”

7. Dr.S.Seeveratnam:” Has the First Malaysia Plan laid the groundwork for less rapid population growth by instituting an effective programme of family planning?”

8. Dr.A.Soorian:” Has the First Malaysia Plan opened for development sufficient new land to keep pace with the formation of new farm families and reduce the number of landless people desiring land for agricultural purposes?”

9. Richard Ho:” Has the First Malaysia Plan provided electric power, transportation facilities and communication services adequate to keep ahead of foreseen demands?”

10. Hor Cheok Foon:” A review of low-cost housing development under the First Malaysia Plan.

11. Loh Jee Mee:” A review of the health and social welfare development projects under the First Malaysia Plan.

12. Chan Fu King:” The Cost of Living under the First Malaysian Plan.

While each subject is concerned with a review of the First Malaysia Plan, every writer should take the opportunity to give his views as to the requirements of the future and the urgent problems that should be tackled and resolved in the Second Malaysia Plan.
MPs should begin now to prepare their paper for the Seminar. The two publications which every MP should have are:

1. First Malaysia Plan 1966-1970 (Government Printers)

2. Mid-Term Review of the First Malaysia Plan-1966-1970 (Government Printers).

Both these publications should be available at the leading bookstores.