President Nixon’s Visit to China

President Nixon’s Visit to China

President Nixon’s planned visit to Peking next May to meet Chinese government leaders is welcome news to all peace-loving people in the world.

It is evidence of the sincerity of the Chinese government leaders to work for better international relations and world peace.

The DAP calls on the Malaysian government to take note of this, and immediately adopt a new China foreign policy designed towards the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Malaysia, and the conclusion of friendship treaties between the two countries.

When even great political foes like President Nixon and the Chinese leaders can agree to a visit next May, I do not see why Malaysia should continue to ban Malaysians from visiting China except for special cases.

I therefore call on the Malaysian government to immediately adopt the DAP’s proposal for a new China foreign policy by:

1. Lifting all restrictions on Malaysians visiting China;

2. Send a all-party delegation to China on a goodwill and fact-finding visit.

3. Exchange oultural teams between Malaysia and China.

4. Announce Malaysia’s intention to enter into negotiations with the Peking government without any preconditions.

The world is entering into anew era. Let Malaysia be far-sighted enough in keeping in step with world developments. Let us take the necessary measures in the best interest of __ country, and not just follow the footsteps of others.