Beware of ‘Projects Section’ of Special Branch

Speech by DAP Secretary-General and Member of Parliament for Bandar Melaka, Mr. Lim Kit Siang, when addressing the Serdang Branches’ Liaison Committee held at Kuchai DAP Branch on Friday, 30th June 1972 at 7p.m.

Beware of ‘Projects Section’ of Special Branch

The Special Branch of the Government has a special unit known as ‘Projects Section’ which has the responsibility to think up and implement projects to infiltrate Opposition parties and create internal party dissensions to split and wreck them.

One of the reasons for the disintegration of the Labour Party is because of the successful operation of the ‘Projects Section’ of the Special Branch against it.

For quite some months now, the ‘Projects Section’ of the Special Branch has been concentrating their energies, time and talent on the DAP, for the DAP posed the most serious and credible challenge to the Alliance Party.

The ‘Projects Section’ tries to find out all weaknesses not only of the Party, but also of the Party leaders, MPs, State Assemblymen, so that at the appropriate time, they could exploit these weaknesses.

When the Central Executive Committee of the DAP took the crucial decision on June 18, 1972 to purge the Party of destructive and disruptive elements, the ‘Projects Section’ of the Special Branch seized this as their opportunity to create maximum chaos and damage inside the Party, with the view to result in the disintegration of the DAP.

As events have proved, the DAP, from top to rank-and-file remained intact and solid, and the ‘Projects Section’ of the Special Branch failed to cause any split or crack in the Party.

Although the ‘Special Section’ have failed to disintegrate the Party, and turn the DAP into another ‘Gerakan’ which destroys itself with the Party splitting down the middle, the ‘Special Section’ has not let up in their projects and plans to create internal party split.

This is why the statement by the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Home Affairs to the joint meeting of the UMNO Youth and Wanita annual delegates conference in Kuala Lumpur on June 23 is highly significant. Tun Ismail had then predicted that there would be rebellion in the DAP, leading to mass resignations and the self-disintegration of the DAP.

The DAP leadership is aware of the renewed attempt by the ‘Special Section’ of the Special Branch to create internal trouble in the Party. We will not allow the Special Branch agents to succeed. After the milestone in the history of DAP on June 18, the DAP will not allow any person to wittingly or unwittingly to be made use of by Special Branch to weaken and split the Party.

We must learn from the lessons of the Labour Party and other political parties which have broken up and disintegrated, partly because of the operations of the ‘Special Section’ of the Special Branch.

With party unity and solidarity at all levels of the party organization, the DAP is now ready to embark on a new series of political and organizational initiatives to mobilise Malaysians behind our struggle to strive for a more just and equal, more democratic Malaysia.