Party to concentrate on Votes’ Registration Campaign

Party to concentrate on Votes’ Registration Campaign

I understand that the voters’ registration campaign will be held in August this year. In my view, this campaign is of crucial importance as it will determine to a large extent whether we succeed in making the next general elections our most glorious milestone to date.

For all practical purposes, we should consider that we have only two years left to register eligible voters, namely, 1980 and 1981, before the next general elections.

There must be a more efficient and effective campaign on our part to get eligible voters to register themselves, and in this exercise, all branches, MPs and State Assemblymen must fully involve themselves.

I am appointing Sdr. Lau Dak Kee, CEC member, to be Chairman of the National Voter’s Registration Campaign Committee, with the following principal officials: Vice Chairman: Sdr. Othman Taha, Sdr. M. Kuppusamy; Secretary: Sdr. Gooi Hack Seng, Asst. Secretaries: Sdr. Ting Check Ming, Sdr. Pang Su Peng.

The DAP National Voters’ Registration Campaign Committee will work out the main strategies of the campaign, but it will be the various State Committees which will be responsible for the implementation of these strategies and to direct and ensure the fullest participation by branches in their state.

The National Organising Secretary, Sdr. P. Patto, and I will meet the National Voters’ Registration Campaign Committee in Headquarters next Tuesday to discuss and finalise the details of the campaign.

DAP’s 15th Anniversary Celebrations

Next year, 1981, the Party will celebrate our 15th anniversary. More than anything else, such a celebration is of great political significance, as it is an opportunity not only for party members to review and rededicate themselves to the struggle of the party, but to further raise the political consciousness and commitment of the people.

We had planned to celebrate our 10th anniversary in a big way, but it did not turn out to be as well planned and executed as we expected. This time, we must do better. For this purpose, a DAP 15th Anniversary Celebration Committee, under the Chairmanship of Sdr. P. Patto, will be responsible for planning in advance , and ensuring the execution, of celebrational activities for a whole year, throughout the country, to mark our 15th Year of Struggle.

In honour of the 15th DAP anniversary Celebrations, the Party Delegates’ Congress will be asked to adopt a Party Declaration as a statement of the party’s aims and objectives for the 80s during the anniversary year – tentatively planned for mis-1981.