DAP CEC has not commissioned or authorised anyone to ‘mediate’ or ‘settle the matter of the expulsion of the Gang of Three in Penang

Press Conference Statement by Parliamentary Opposition Leader, DAP Secretary-General and MP for Petaling, Lim Kit Siang, in Penang on Tuesday, 10th March 1981 at 11.30 a.m.

DAP CEC has not commissioned or authorised anyone to ‘mediate’ or ‘settle the matter of the expulsion of the Gang of Three in Penang as there is nothing to mediate or settle with regard to flagrant and systematic flouting of party discipline.

The lifting of the suspension of the Bagan Ajam and Telok Bahang Branch, following that of Bukit Mertajam and Paya Terubong Branches, mark yet another step in the restoration of party discipline and cohesive in Penang, to rebuild the DAP into an effective and powerful political force in the state.

Last night, together with Deputy Secretary-General Lee Lam Thye and National Organising Secretary, P.Patto, I attened a ‘spontaneous emergency’ dinner organised at the insistence of DAP supporters in Bedong to demonstrate their continuing confidence and faith in the DAP.

Although there were only two days notice, over 300 people attended.

I was most moved by the heart-warming gesture of the DAP member and supporters in Bedong, who is indeed a great personal encouragement for me, after undergoing five months of personal agony and pain because of the irresponsible and systematic campaign of character-assassination launched by the Gang of Three in Penang.

The spirits and political consciousness of the DAP supporters in Bedong show that they are many times superior to that of Seow Hung Khim, though a MP and SA, Chin Nyuk Soo, an Assemblyman, for Goh Liam Ean.

The DAP Central Working Committee expelled the * Gang of Three” because they carried out, ever a period pf over four months, a most vicious and malicious campaign, with the aid of Barisan Nasional force, to destroy the credibility of DAP and its leadership.

After their expulsion, it has come to light that ever since December 1980, this Gang of Three had been carrying out a campaign among Penang members to incite them to confront and defy the Party leadership, based on a distorted and false account about party development, and also about the Party leadership.

The position of the DAP in the last five months can be likened to that of a man bleeding internally without end. If this situation is allowed to continue without drastic action, the only end result is demise.

The expulsion of the Gang of Three therefore is to end the internal bleeding to rescue the Party from this systematic and vicious campaign, inside the party coupled with external forces to destroy the Party from within.

This Gang of Three and their collaboration of course would want such a rescue operation to fail, by dragging out the matter for as long as possible, to allow the internal bleeding to proceed apace.

The DAP leadership will not allow this to take place for our immediate task is now to end the cancer of the Gang of Three, so that the Party restored to full health can convalesce and concentrate fully on its political tasks and responsibilities.

The Central Executive Committee and the Central working Committee have not commissioned or authorised anyone to ‘mediate’ and ‘settle’ the case of the expulsion of the Gang of Three in Penang. There is nothing to mediate or settle with regard to flagrant and systematic flouting of party discipline and defiance of party leadership, principles and objectives.

On the one hand, there is the Central Working Committee rescuing the Party from the machinations of the Gang of Three who for over four months had tried to destroy the Party. On the other hand, there is the Gang of Three who after the expulsion, have shown their true colours as people who have no love whatsoever for the Party or for the principles for which the Party is pledged to. What is there to mediate or settle or compromise in these two positions?

Apart from the Party Congress, there is no single person who is higher or more powerful than the CWC and the CEC to arrogate to himself the powers of’ mediating’ between the CWC or the CEC on the one hand, and anti-party elements like the Gang of Three on the other.

The proper recourse for the Gang of Three is to appeal to the Central Executive Committee within fourteen days of their expulsion. They was expelled on Feb. 25, and if by March 11, they did not submit their appeal the matter is closed!

I am amused by demand by the Gang of Three that as a condition for their return to the DAP, almost the entire Central Working Committee must resign, and they specifically mention me, Lee Lam Thye. P.Patto, Lee Kaw and others.

The Gang of Three have appeared on front-pages of newpapers in defying the DAP leadership for so long that they really believe that they are such great political leaders. Very soon, they will wake up from their dreams.