Call on Home Affairs Minister, Datuk Muse Hitam, to, nip in the bud the attempt by chauvinists and extremists to incite Malay hatred, hostility arid ill—will against Chinese by circulating a translation of a fake DAP statement

Press Conference Statement by Parliamentary Opposition Lealer, DAP Secretary-General MP for Kota Melaka, Lim Kit Siang, in DAP PJ Hqrs on Friday, 9.8.1985 at 11a.m.

Call on Home Affairs Minister, Datuk Muse Hitam, to, nip in the bud the attempt by chauvinists and extremists to incite Malay hatred, hostility arid ill—will against Chinese by circulating a translation of a fake DAP statement

It has come to my knowledge that there is an attempt by chauvinists and extremists to incite Malay hatred, hostility and ill—will against the Chinese by circulating throughout the country a Malay translation of a purported DAP Chinese statement.

This is a most mischievous, vicious and anti—national act for it is designed to create racial misunderstanding and hatred, leading to greater racial polarisation.

I want to declare that the purported DAP Chinese statement is a fake that it never existed, and its so – called translation is concocted by the extremists and chauvinists who originated the circular.

The Malay translation is allegedly done by a Malay who went to Malacca and discovered a copy of the Chinese statement which is in circulation in the town, and as he is1conversant with Mandarin, he decided to translate it into Malay to let the Malays know how the Chinese are planning the rob them of all their rights in the country;

The fake statement was supposed to explain the rationale for the Bukit China issue, which means that this seditious and provocative material had been in circulation for quite some time.

This highly inflammatory four—page document would provoke any Malay into intense hatred of the Chinese if its contents are believed. It is full of lies and repetitive of the time that the Chinese hare a bong term plan to wipe out the Malay leadership and race by using all sorts of tricks and gambits, including women, gambling, alcohol and dadah.

Chauvinists and extremists who seek to arouse inter—racial hatred and distrust are the greatest enemies of Malaysia, for if they have their way, they would succeed in tearing Malaysia apart.

The DAP, as a Malaysian nationalistic party which is dedicated to the integral unity of the Malaysian nation, comprising of people from all racial groups, is very concerned about such an irresponsible and malicious campaign. I call on the Deputy Prime Minister and Home Affairs Minister, Datuk Musa Hitam, to take firm action to nip in the bud such seditious and inflamatory attempt to incite racial hatred and tension.

I would seek an appointment with Datuk Muss in view of the gravity of this matter, which if allowed to continue, would threaten the very basis of Malaysian nation—building, and would urge him to bring the culprits to book and to put an end to such anti—national activities.

Malaysian Government loses $185 million in first six months of 1985 because pf oil production cut—back

I have just received a reply to my parliamentary question in July meeting in which the Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department, Datuk Dr James P.Ongkili said the Malaysian Government suffered a shortfall or less of $185 million from the cutback in oil production as compared to the 1985 Budget estimated.

The question and answer is as follows:

The National Registration Department’s reaction to allegation of mass—scale acquisition of blue identity cards by illegal Indonesian immigrants is downright irresponsible arid totally lacking in credibility

On Tuesday, the local press reported on my speech at the Pudu DAP Branch dinner on Sunday night on my call for a indepencent inquiry into the grave problem of mass—scale acquisition of blue identity cards by illegal Indonesian immigrants after a few months in the country.

In yesterday’s press, the Director—General of National Registration Department, Syed Rosley Syed Abu Bakar, responded to my speech and said that all blue identity cards approved by the department were valid under the law, and that his department would investigate if there were instances of irregular issuance of identity cards.

I find the Director-General’s reaction downright irresponsible and utterly lacking in credibility and seriousness, and typical of the attitude of various government departments to the problem of illegal Indonesian immigrants right from the beginning. This attitude is best described as that of ostriches burying their heads in the sand.

Up till now, the government has refused to publicy acknowledge the seriousness of the problem of the illegal Indonesian immigrants, not only in terms of their numbers which I estimate to be in the region between 800,000 to one million, but also from the socio—economic and law and order standpoints, as well as from the short term, medium term arid long term point of view,

Even in Parliament, when questioned by DAP MPs, the Deputy Minister of Home Affairs, Sheikh Radzi Ahmad would deny that the problem of illegal Indonesian immigrants is a serious one, although he would refuse to give an estimate of the number of them in the country. He would often put on an air of innocence and ask DAP MPs to help the authorities locate these illegal Indonesian immigrants by reporting their presence, when it is public knowledge that the police and immigration authorities could easily round them up in their habitual haunts or areas of work.

The Police, on its part, also pretends that the problem of illegal Indonesian immigrants is a minor one. For instance, about two weeks ago1 it was publicly exposed that illegal Indonesian immigrants are being helped to stay and work in Malaysia with recommendation letters by local notables. The personal secretary to the Kukup Assemblyman in Johore, Abdul Moez Haji Hasbullah, openly admitted that he had issued 20 such letters using the letterhead and chop of the Kukup Assemblyman.

Call on Bukit Aman to take over all investigations in connection with illeqal Indonesian immigrants

But up till now, the Police had taken no action against Abdul Moez Haji Hasbullah. If people like Moez Haji Hasbullah could openly and publicly help illegal Indonesian immigrants to stay and find work in the country, then the problem of illegal Indonesian immigrants would never be solved because there is influential support for their entry end remaining in the country

It is elementary knowledge that it is impossible to have such a large and protracted presence of illegal Indonesian immigrants in Malaysia without the help, harbouring and connivance of syndicates in Malaysia, including officials.

I would call on the Police to take a serious attitude to the problems crested by illegal Indonesian immigrants, and suggest that the Bukit Aman Police Headquarters take over investigations into Moezus case and all other cases related to illegal Indonesian immigrants from the Johore Police as well as other state Police.

Now, the National Registration Department is following the example of the Immigration, the Police and Deputy Home Affairs Minister in professing no knowledge about the mass acquisition of blue t1ntity cards by illegal Indonesian immigrantsk and asking for instances for it to take action.

I want to ask why on the problem of illegal Indonesian immigrants, the various government departments are behaving like the mythical three monkeys who have eyes see not, ears that hear not and mouths that speak not!

How can the Director—General of National Registration Department show such apathy and indifference when there is a mass-scale acquisition of blue identity cards by illegal Indohesian immigrants after a short stay in Malaysia?

When I Was in Tawau in May, I was told by several estate managers of how illegal Indonesian immigrants would start work with them without any papers or documentation, but after a few months, could produce identity cards !

Surely, the Director General of the National Registration Department cannot be ignorant of what many Malaysians know, just as the Deputy Home Affairs Minister could not be ignorant of what Malaysians know about the seriousness of the number and problem of illegal Indonesian immigrants.

Why is there a grand conspiracy of silence and pretence of ignorance by the various government departments over the problem of illegal Indonesian immigrants?

The Malaysian people have no confidence whatsoever in the ability of the National Registration Department to investigate and deal with the problem of the mass—scale acquisition of blue identity cards by Illegal Indonesian immigrants, and this is why I called for an independent inquiry into this problem. I have no doubt that a body which can command the confidence of the people would be able to elicit the co—operation of the public, who would produce the docmentary proof and evidence of the mass—scale acquisition of blue identity car’s by illegal Indonesian immigrants.