DAP opposes Tunku’s proposal for emergency rule in Sabah

Press Conference Statement by Parliamentary Opposition Leader, DAP Secretary-General and MP for Kota Melaka, Lim Kit Siang, in PJ on Wednesday, 19th March 1986 at 12 noon:

DAP opposes Tunku’s proposal for emergency rule in Sabah

I his Monday’s weekly column ‘As I see it…’, former Prime Minister Tunku Abdul Rahman, suggested rule in Sabah, which Parliament passing a law to suspend the Sabah State Constitution, on the ground that the State had been unable to restore order.

The DAP opposes the Tunku’s proposal, for it is the Federal Government which has been unable or unwilling to uphold law and order, and nothing to do with the Sabah State Government. To proclaim emergency for a Federal take-over in Sabah would be to yield and surrender to the campaign of agitation and perpetrators of violence through bomb explosions and arson in Sabah.

I am very concerned that the Elections Commission Chairman, Tan Sri Abdul Kadir, is openly and publicly talking about the possibility of an emergency preventing the Sabah State General Elections being held.

He should realise that his statement would be an encouragement to those in Sabah who had been trying in the past week to create political fear, tension and violence, causing deaths and injuries and damage to property – with oneobjective: to stop the holding of Sabah state general elections.

At this time of test, the Elections Commission must be seen as independent and impartial, and not as waiting for ‘political approval’ before it could decide on the holding of Sabah State general elections.

2. Call on MIC President, Datuk Samy Vallu, to explain why MIC Co-operative, Syarikat Kerjasama Nesa Pelbagai Berhad, had fox three long years refused to return land titles to 13 co-op members

I have received complaints that a MIC Co-operative, Syarikat Kerjasama Nesa Pelbagai Berhad, had for three long years refused to return land titles to 13 co-operative members.

On 2nd December 1976, these 13 members, headed by C. Chinnakunju and K. Murugiah, together with three others (making altogether 16 persons) jointly bought a three-acre land in Port Dickson for $106,875. The 16 purchasers paid the owners $42,875, and each took a loan of $4,000 /- from Nesa Co-operative to pay the balance.

The land was subdivided into 16 lots in 1979 and allocated to each of the 16 purchasers.

The loan agreement with NESA Co-op provided that as a condition of the $4,000 loan to each of the 16 purchasers (who became members of the co-op), the land title was transferred to the co-operative, with the further term that the Co-op will re-transfer the land to the purchasers on full payment of the Co-op loan.

In April 1983, the 13 members asked for the retransfer of the land to them by the co-operative as they had settled in full their loan, but to date Nesa Co-op had refused.

Nesa Co-op was started as a MIC Co-operative, and it has a special responsibility to act above board, and not conduct itself in a manner which will reflect badly not only in the co-operative but also on the political party, MIC, which sponsored it. I call on MIC President, Datuk Samy Vellu, to explain why the MIC Co-operative of NESA is acting so irresponsibly in refusing in three long years to return the landtitles. DAP lawyers have advised the 13 persons that they are entitled in law to specific performance by the NESA co-op to return the titles, and damages for the three-year delay. However, I hope that the MIC will cherish its political reputation and get NESA to immediately damage the titles to the purchasers, and also to pay them damages, failing which, DAP lawyers will file action against NESA in court on their behalf.