DAP General Elections Campaign Slogan –‘ENOUGH IS ENOUGH ! NO MORE TWO-THIRD MAJORITY’ – to restore democracy, decency, fair play and justice to Malaysian politics

Speech by DAP Secretary-General Lim Kit Siang at the pre-general elections ceramah held at Rifle Range, Penang on Sunday, July 20, 1986 at 8p.m.

DAP General Elections Campaign Slogan –‘ENOUGH IS ENOUGH ! NO MORE TWO-THIRD MAJORITY’ – to restore democracy, decency, fair play and justice to Malaysian politics

Tonight, the DAP officially launches its 1986 general elections campaign slogan ‘ENOUGH IS ENOUGH ! NO MORE TWO-THIRD MAJORITY’.

This campaign slogan underpins the DAP general elections objective to deny the Barisan Nasional its traditional two-third majority to restore democracy, decency, fair play and justice to Malaysian politics.

The manner in which Parliament and the State Assemblies were dissolved, and the general elections summoned, is the best and latest example of how the Barisan Nasional has become so drunk with its parliamentary two-third majority that it has lost all notions of democracy, decency, fair play and justice.

The Elections Commission has the constitutional duty to the nation to conduct a fair and democratic general elections, but it is clear that the Elections Commission’s every decision and action had been on the dictates of the ruling parties.

Parliament was formally dissolved on Saturday, July 19, but the Elections Commission swung into action before the dissolution took place to hold meetings and announce dates for the issue of election writs, nomination and polling days.

Malaysian governments have never been such efficiency on the part of any government agency or public institution as that shown by the Elections Commission recently, except that it symbolises the lack of independence and impartiality provided for in the Constitution for the Elections Commission.

For the first time in Malaysia history, the Dissolution of Parliament, the issue of elections writs, and the advertisement carrying notice of general elections all took place on the same day on Saturday on July 19.

Surely, the Elections Commission, even if it is not independent, must observe the form that it is independent. I am sure the Elections Commission Members, are honourable Malaysians, who would want to observe the form of independence, even if they do not have the substance of impartiality, but they are not even allowed this pretence by the ruling parties.

When the stage is reached when the government political leaders do not bother to be seen and know to be unfair, unjust and undemocratic, then something very serious has happened to our national life and soul.

This explains the double standards in Malaysian politics, where the government blatantly misuses radio and television stations to beam Barisan Nasional propaganda, which is denied to the Opposition.

It explains why the Prime Minister had twice toured the country to hold illegal public rallies as a run-up to his general elections, which are again denied to the Oppositions.

It also explains why DAP leaders, members and supporters are harassed, arrested and even prosecuted for conducting peaceful “walk or jogs” to save Bukit China in Malacca from desecration while the arsonists, bombers and rioters in the 12 black days in Sabah are allowed to go scotfree for their heinous crimes, except for the charge against some 20 persons for the inconsequential offence of illegal assembly!

After 29 years of overwhelming parliamentary majority of the Barisan Nasional, simply values of fair play, justice and decency have become downgraded and devalued. With the slogan, ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! NO MORE TWO-THRID MAJORITY Malaysians will be uniting in the general elections to cry out for justice, fair play and decency in Malaysia!

Another aspect of manner of Parliament’s dissolution also deserves public attention. Parliament was originally summoned to meet from July 14 to 25, for two weeks. During the first week of parliamentary sittings starting from July 14, DAP MPs have given notice to demand Ministerial explanation for the host of scandals that have humiliated Malaysians inside and abroad: like the UMBC Scandal, the $200 million EPF shares scandal, the $1 billion mysterious tin buying scandal, the Pan El scandal which wiped out $10.8 billion from the Kuala Lumpur Stock Exchange, the $200 million Multi-Purpose Holdings scandal, and most important of all, the $2.5 billion BMF scandal. I had also given notice to table on the first parliamentary sittings a motion to demand the establishment of a Royal Commission of Inquiry into the widespread public allegation and belief of rampant corruption, nepotism and conflict if interest in high political places.

The July 14-19 meetings of Parliament were first cancelled and postponed to July 21, which was again cancelled because of dissolved of July 19.

Clearly, the two-time cancellation of the Parliament meetings on July 14 and July 21 were meant to enable Minister to avoid DAP probe of the various scandals and allegations of corruption, nepotism and conflict of interest in high political places in the country.

The Sixth Parliament of 1982-1986 was elected on the slogan of ‘Clean, Efficient and Trustworthy’ government, but it was dissolved to avoid DAP MPs from questinning the Prime Minister and Ministers on whether the Barisan Nasional had honoured its ‘Clean, Efficient and Trustworthy’ pledge.

This is also the first time in Malaysian history since Merdeka in 1957 that any Parliament was dissolved to avoid answering embarrassing Opposition questions and motions in Parliament about the various government scandals!

This is why Malaysians must say, ENOUGH IS ENOUGH !NO MORE TWO-THIRD MAJORITY as a loud and clear message to Dr.Mahathir and the Barisan Nasional that they must be more democratic, responsible and accountable to the PMs, who represent the wide Malaysian public.

Two days ago, the Prime Minister defended the ‘Clean, Efficient and Trustworthy’ slogan, claiming that it had succeeded in digging up corruption and dirt, but the Opposition have blamed the Mahathir government for the dirt.

Dr.Mahathir should not think that Malaysians have a short memory, and forget that the UMBC Scandal, EPF Scandal $1 billion mysterious tin buying MAMINCO Scandal, Pan El scandal, Multi-purpose Holdings scandal took place during his term of office. In fact, the bulk of the $2.5 billion BMF scandal also took place during his Prime Ministership.

These are not scandals and dirt exposed by the ‘Clean, Efficient and Trustworthy’ slogan, but occurred and’ covered up’ during the period of such slogan.

This is why the Barisan Nasional is afraid of an assessment of its ‘Clean, Efficient and Trustworthy’ pledge, and dare not use this slogan in the general elections a second time.
I am prepared to challenge Dr.Mahathir to a television debate anytime on whether the Barisan Nasional has honoured the ‘Clean, Efficient and Trustworthy’ pledge, or whether Malaysia has never been so unclean, inefficient (except for the Elections Commission) and untrustworthy!
The Barisan’s new slogan is Tradisi Membela Rakyat, Tradition of Championing the people. This is the tradition of the BMF, EPF, UMBC, Multi-Purpose, Pan El, Maminco scandals. Is this the tradition of the Barisan Nasional that the people want to endorse, and to ask for more and even worse of such scandals in the next five years?

I say, let all Malaysian unite in one cry! EHNOUGH IS ENOUGH! NO MORE TWO-THIRD MAJORITY!