MCA cannot suppress its numerous political, corporate and co – operative scandals running into billions of ringgit by clownish behavior of a frightened MCA MP in Parliament

by Parliamentary Opposition Leader, DAP Secretary and MP for Tanjung, Lim Kit Siang, in Petaling Jaya on Wednesday, 15.11.1989:

MCA cannot suppress its numerous political, corporate and co – operative scandals running into billions of ringgit by clownish behavior of a frightened MCA MP in Parliament

MCA played a most odd and peculiar role Parliament yesterday when I moved a motion to cut the salary of the Director – General of the Anti – Corruption Agency to highlight public dissatisfaction at the rampant corruption, breach of trust and abuse or power in high political circles.

My motion was directed primarily at the UMNO Baru leaders, whether at the Federal or State level, and I specifically mentioned his last 24 hours as Pahang Mentri Besar on August 2, 1986, approved 2,000 – acre forest concession to a dubious applicant who submitted his application 12days earlier! I also raised issue connected with the Johore Mentri Besar, Tan Sri Muhyideen Yassin.

In my speech, I did not refer to any MCA political, corporate or co – operative scandal, but the MCA behaved as if they were under severe attack when they heard that I was moving a motion connected with corruption. It is oblivious that when the MCA hear the words ‘corruption, breach of trust and abuse of power’ , they can only think of numerous MCA political, corporate and co – operative scandals which had involved top MCA leaders and which run into billions of ringgit!

The MCA leadership therefore decided to get their MPs to distract parliamentary attention to the serious issue of rampant corruption, breach of trust and abuse of power in high political circles, by diversionary tactics by hurling baseless accusations against the DAP.

Unfortunately, the MCA could only get the MP for Ampang Jaya, Ong Tee Kiat, to do this dirty work in Parliament. The other MCA MPs have the decency to know that what Ong Tee Kiat was going to do was most dishonorable disgusting, and stayed away from the Chambers to dissociate themselves from it.

In his speech, Ong Tee Kiat made all sorts of allegations against the DAP and myself, challenging DAP leaders why they were silent on the allegations. Yet when I stood up in order to answer his allegations, Ong Tee Kiat was too frightened and reparably refused to give to allow me to answer his allegations there and them.

I want to advise Ong Tee Kiat of a most rudimentary though unwritten parliamentary code of behavior, i.e. if he wants to make open accusations against another MP, and in particular challenging him why he was silent on these accusations, he must be prepared give way to allow the MP being challenged the right of instant reply.

If he wants to make such a challenge, and yet does not want to give the MP challenged the instant tight of reply, it could only mean two thing: firstly, he knows that he is talking rubbish which would be exposed once the instant reply is given; and secondly, he is a coward who does not believe in what he is talking about, because ‘True Gold is not afraid Furnace Fire’.

MCA mean ‘Money Corrupts Association’

I don’t really blame Ong Tee Kiat for such parliamentary misbehavior, for he does not know better. The people really to blame for his disgraceful parliamentary behavior yesterday must be the top MCA leaders.

I want here to give them a piece of advice also. The top MCA leaders should realize that no amount of diversionary tactics by the clownish behavior of a frightened MCA MP in Parliament cab suppress the numerous MCA political, corporate and co – operative scandals which run into billions of dollars. This is because MCA now really stands for ‘Money Corrupts Association’.

But what I want to ask the top MCA leaders is why they should react as if the entire MCA leadership is under attack when I talked about the problem of rampant corruption, breach of trust and abuse of power in high political places yesterday?

Is this because apart from the MCA’s own numerous political, corporate and co – operative scandals, the MCA is also involved in other such scandals involving UMNO Bahru and its leaders?

Is MCA now dependent on IMNO Baru, both for political and economic survival?

During the budget debate on 1st November, the question was specifically asked as to why Bank Bumiputra gave a loan of $ 592 million to Kemunting Bhd. for the take – over of Multi – Purpose Holdings, and whether this was because Kenumting was associated with Seri Angkasa, which was closely associated with the elder brother of top UMNO Baru Minister and leader?

I find it strange that up to now, there has been no public response, whether confirmation or denial, by the top MCA leaders. When Hume wanted by take – over MPH, the MCA leaders tried to create political capital by suggesting that it was in indirect attempt by Malay interests to acquire MPH. But the Keminting take – over of MPH now appears to be closely associated with UMNO Baru interests. In fact, MCA has not denied that it is with Bank Bumiputra $ 592 million loan that Kemunting Bhd acquired the MPH shares and fought off the Hume take – over bid.

From the above instance, it seems clear that not only the political survival, but economic ad financial survival of MCA, are now in the hands of UMNO Baru leaders. This is probably explains the MCA’s panic whenever they hear of DAP talking about rampant corruption, breach of trust and abuse of power in high political circles.

Save Bukit China fund

I want to briefly refer to two allegations which the MCA leaders, through Ong Tee Kiat, tried to create and give the impression that there is something abnormal. First is the DAP’s Save Bukit China Campaign in 1984. the present MCA leadership, led they by Tan Koon Swan, had given full support to the plan by the Malacca Chief Minister, Datuk Rahim Thamby Cik, in 1984 to demolish Bukit China.

If not for the DAP’s Save Bukit China campaign which we launched throughout the country, against the strong opposition of the present batch of MCA leaders, Bukit China in Malacca would not be standing today and would have disappeared from the race of the earth.

We had many times given a public account of the funds which we had raised to assist the Cheng Hoon Teng Temple trustees to resist the attempt by the Malacca state government – instigated by the present MCA leaders – to intimidate the trustees in demanding $ 2 million quit rent and arrears. If the MCA national leaders do not read newspaper, it is not out fault.

The top MCA national leaders had directed one of the MCA minions to lodge a police report on this matter, and I am sure if there is anything improper or against the law, the police would not miss any opportunity to act against the DAP. If the MCA ministers or leaders want to pursue this matter, they should for an appointment with the Inspector – General of Police, or they can even raise it in the Cabinet. Unlike the MCA, what we in the DAP do are open and above – board.

The next charge is that I had swindled funds for the public. This is a highly preposterous charge, and who wonder Ong Tee Kiat dared not give way for me to answer him in Parliament, for he knew that he would have been publicly exposed. I had announced that I intended to set aside my monthly $ 1,000 pension as former Malacca Assemblyman to help needy students to pursue higher education studies. At that time, I was thinking of a trust fund to do this, but find that this is rather unwieldy for $ 1,000 a month.

At present, it costs a student at least $ 3,000 a month to pursue university studies in the United Kingdom or Australia, and $ 1,000 a month cannot meet the full costs of one student for such purpose.

I am at the moment assisting a student in local higher education studies. I do not wish to have any publicity for a small personal contribution I am making in higher education studies, and I do not propose to make further statement on this matter.

What I am doing with my own money is more of Datuk ling Liong Sik or Lee Kim Sai’s business, when they are responsible for so many MCA political, corporate, co – operative and educational scandals running into billions of dollars.

The MCA Ministers and leaders must be very desperate in thinking that they could give the impression that this is a major scandal. It is the MCA which must answer for its major scandals, like the 10 – year – old $ 10 million Chang Min Thian education fund scandal, where is gross breach of trust of money which does not belong to them. This $ 10 million, as well as the accumulated interests, seemed to have disappeared altogether!