MPPP should form a special task force to declare war on its ‘decadence, impotence and inefficiency’

by Parliamentary Opposition Loader, DAP Secretary-General and MP for Tanjung, Lim Kit Siang, in Penang on Wednesday, March 11,1992:

MPPP should form a special task force to declare war on its ‘decadence, impotence and inefficiency’.

On 15th February, the Penang Chief Minister, Dr. Koh Tsu Koon, announced the appointment of Tan Ghim Hwa as MPPP President. On 20th February 1992, Tan Ghim Hwa took his oath of office as MPPP President.

Tan Ghim Hwa would be chairing the first MPPP full Council meeting tomorrow, full three weeks after he had been sworn into office.

Tan Ghim Hwa should realise that his long delay in chairing the MPPP full Council meeting has been a disappointment as it does not convey a sense of urgency or mission in his new task, which is to clean up the ‘decadence, impotence and inefficiency’ of the MPPP as publicly pronounced by two Cabinet Ministers, namely Dr. Lim Keng Yaik and Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim.

Penang Island ratepayers hope that despite this long delay in chairing his first MPPP full council meeting, a sense of urgency and mission to clean up the ‘decadence, impotence and inefficiency’ of the MPPP would be clearly manifested in the meeting tomorrow.

If Tan Ghim Hwa is fully conscious of his mission as MPPP President, the MPPP full Council’s first
and most important item of business tomorrow should be to discuss the MPPP’s triple ills of ‘decadence, impotence and inefficiency’

As 20 of the 24 MPPP Councillors were formerly in the previ¬ous MPPP Councils, they should publicly explain at the MPPP Council why they had allowed such ‘decadence, impotence and inefficiency’ to reign supreme on the Penang Island, and how they could be trusted to put their heart, and soul into the battle against the MPPP ‘decadences, impotence and inefficiency’.

Or will these 20 veteran MPPP Councillors completely deny that there had been MPPP ‘decadence, impotence and inefficiency’ as well as the need for an all-out war against these three MPPP ills.

Tomorrow’s MPPP full Council meeting is therefore a test case as to whether the MPPP under Tan Ghim Hwa’s leadership is sincere in cleaning up the three MPPP ills.

The MPPP Council should pass a resolution publicly acknowledging the three MPPP ills of ‘decadence, impotence and ineffi¬ciency’, affirm the commitment of every MPPP Councillor to clean up the three MPPP ills, and establish a special task force to declare war against the ‘decadence, impotence and inefficiency’ of MPPP.

If the MPPP Council tomorrow is not prepared to admit the three MPPP ills and make a public commitment to declare an all-out war against them, then the Penang island ratepayers have the right to be very disappointed with the new MPPP Council, and in particular the view MPPP President.