Kit Siang names Ling Liong Sik first “cow-dung” MCA President in the 44-year MCA history

By Parliamentary Opposition Leader, DAP Secretary-General and MP for Tanjung, Lim Kit Siang, in Penang on Wednesday, August 11, 1993:

Kit Siang names Ling Liong Sik first “cow-dung” MCA President in the 44-year MCA history

In the past few days, the MCA President, Datuk Dr. Ling liong Sik has found a new ‘plaything’ which he regards as his latest Calisman which can work political wonders for him.

Down through the ages, it has been said that in the books one can find ‘golden treasures’, but Liong Sik is the only person in MCAs history who has found “cow-dung” in the books which he regards as treasure.

This is very obvious from the relish with Liong Sik had been throwing ‘cow-dung’ in the last few days as a substitute for political arguments and as response to political challenges.

At first, I had not wanted to take Liong Sik “cow-dung” politics seriously, but I discovered Liong Sik was very serious with his new ‘plaything’ when he went round throwing “cow-dung” for three concessive days.

In view of the relish with which Liong Sik is enjoying ‘cow-dung’ politics, I hereby name him ‘cow-dung’ MCA President. However, I want to advise Liong Sik that there is nothing to be proud to be the first ‘cow-dung’ MCA President in the 44-year history of MCA.

Probably, the final and greatest service Datuk Lee Kim Sai can perform for MCA is to speed up his political withdrawal plans by resigning forthwith as MCA Deputy President and Health Minister to protest and dissociate himself from the new era of MCA “cow-dung” political and to demonstrate that he is not prepared to be tarred by such MCA “cow-dung” politics.

It is only because of “cow-dung” political mentality that Liong Sik can respond to my challenge to him to contest in the Tanjong parliamentary constituency in Penang in the next general elections to substantiate his claim that 86 per cent of the people support the Barisan Nasional with the counter-challenge that I contest in a constituency with at least 90 per cent Malay electorate.

How can the President of a party which claims to be the sale legitimate political representative of the five million Chinese in Malaysia and the third largest Chinese political party in the world ever issue such a challenge?

Didn’t he realise that by issuing such a challenge, Liong Sik was in fact admitting that he had abandoned hope of securing any Chinese electoral support and was depending solely on UMNO’s Malay votes for MCA Ministers and Deputy Ministers to get into Parliament and Cabinet?

Let me tell Liong Sik that he cannot use “cow-dung” to hide the political failures and sins of omission and commission.

I had given him a week to publicly repent and apologise fot his role ten years ago in secretly colluding with the Malacca Chief Minister, Tan Sri Rahim Tamby Cik, in trying to demolish Bukit China in Malacca.

Liong Sik had already made a great political misjudgement last month in challenging me to announce within a week the DAP’s Save-Bukit China One-Person One-Dolar Fund. He would make an even greater political error if he thinks that “cow-dung politics” can cover up his political sins of omission and commission ten years ago in going against the wishes of the Chinese community by giving clandestine support to the plan to demolish Bukit China.

Liong Sik can go up and shown the country in MCA functions to throw “cow-dung”. I want to ask Liong Sik how he is going to bring such “cow-dung” into Parliament!