Role of Opposition Party

The Democratic Action Party will play the role of an intelligent, constructive and creative opposition to the Alliance.

The DAP rejects the argument that the role of an opposition party is merely to oppose.

Although the Alliance has made the word “yes” into a test of party loyalty and political reliability for its members, the DAP will never make the word “no” into a party philosophy.
This was stated by the Organising Secretary of the DAP, Mr. Lim Kit Siang, when he spoke at the Sentul DAP Branch this evening.

Mr. Lim said the DAP will not be niggardly in its praise of the Alliance government where credit is due, nor will it shirk from castigating, condemning or exposing the dishonesty, insincerity or hypocrisy of the Alliance regime.

He went on: “Every Alliance measure or proposal, however progressive or enlightened it may appear on the surface, must be subject to the closest scrutiny. Continue reading Role of Opposition Party