DAP replies to Maju Ward Controversy

DAP replies to MCA Maju Ward on the controversy over University of Malaya admissions

The MCA Maju Ward in Petaling Jaya issued a statement last weekend attacking the Democratic Action Party for raising the question of University of Malaya student admissions this year.

The MCA Maju Ward stoutly defended the admissions policy and stated that University of Malaya standard were not being lowered.

The MCA Maju Ward claims to be an intellectual ward, comprising university dons, professional men and other so-called intellectuals.

They are however guilty of trying to disguise and distort the real problem of university student admissions raised by the DAP.

If the so-called intellectuals and university dons who make up the Maju Ward read newspapers, they will realise that the DAP never claimed that students without minimum university entrance qualifications were being admitted.

One does not have to be an university don to know that the minimum entrance qualifications to the University of Malaya is possession of one Principal and two Subsidiary passes at the H.S.C. level.

What the DAP questioned was the policy of refusing university places to students with good H.S.C. qualifications in order to give places to the students with poorer H.S.C. results.

There are many students with two or three Principles in the H.S.C. who are turned away from the university, while others with lower results, including those with one Principal and very poor subsidiary results are admitted.

All along, the university had admitted students with the best results. A change of such a policy must clearly involve a lowering of university standards.

It is interesting that university dons and high-powered intellectuals in the MCA Maju Ward should claim such would not be the result.

The Malaysian public can now make their own judgment as to whether the words, views and opinions of university dons and so-called intellectuals in the Maju Ward are worth a cent.

Apart from lowering university standards such university admissions will create resentment, distrust and antagonism among the rejected students, who are young and able, and who will regard Malaysia as a society of inequalities and and injustices. In other words, we are producing more and more young Malaysians who will feed the politics of despair and extremism.

If the Alliance has nothing to hide, we challenge it to reveal the number of students who were admitted to the University of Malaya who had only one Principal and Two subsidiary passes at HSC, and the number of students with better qualifications who were turned away.

We also challenge the Alliance government to either institute an independent inquiry with the DAP represented, or allow DAP access to university records.

Audited on 2021-03-19