DAP Branch in Triang marks a significant milestone

Talk by DAP organizing secretary Mr. Lim Kit Siang, at the establishment of the Triang DAP Protem Committee in Triang, Pahang on Saturday, 6th July 1968 at 5 p.m.

The formation of the DAP Branch in Triang marks a significant milestone in the expansion of the Democratic Action Party since its establishment slightly over two years ago.

It will spearhead the spread of the democratic socialist ideal and movement into the East Coast. After Triang, we will open up branches in other parts of Pahang, including Bentong, Kuantan, Lipis and Raub.

The message of cultural democracy, multi-racialism and a socialist society knows no barriers, either of distance, race, religion or language.

The DAP is the party for the new generation of Malaysians who are tired of the old politics of corruption, racialism, unprincipled politicking, self-greed and status-hunting. Under the Alliance rule, ‘politics’ has become a dirty word because of the abuse of political power for self-gain. We are pledged to cleanse politics of its present dirt, and make it again the most honourable public calling to serve men and society, to bring happiness to the maximum number of people.

Rising Tide of Unrest Among Malaysian Workers

Malaysia is now undergoing a grave national crisis on all fronts. Whether in the field of politics, economy, culture, defence or nation-building, there is growing discontent and ferment.

There is at present a rising tide of unrest among Malaysian workers. The whole government machinery may be paralysed if the CUEPACS calls a nation-wide strike on September 1, over the refusal of the Alliance government to implement the Suffian Salaries Commision recommendations.

The finances of the country has touched the lowest point since Merdeka, converting Malaysia from a rich and prosperous nation into a debtor country.

Economy and austerity must be the watchwords of government expenditure if Malaysia is to return to the road of financial solvency and economic prosperity.

Alliance has lost moral right to ask for sacrifices

This is the time for sacrifices for all sections of the people. The Alliance government, however, has LOST THE MORAL RIGHT TO ASK FOR SACRIFICES from the people and the workers, because the Alliance leaders were the ones who were responsible for the financial and economic mess Malaysia is in now.

The Alliance leaders have never set the example for sacrifices. Instead, they were the ones who set the example for waste, extravagance and financial irresponsibility.

After bankrupting the nation, the Alliance leaders want the people and workers to pay for their follies.

This crisis of confidence in the ability of the Alliance government to solve the financial difficulties confronting Malaysia can only be resolved if the Alliance show in a concrete and categorical manner that it possesses the will and resolution to mend its ways.

All-party financial watchdog committee

One way the Government can do this is by appointing an all-party financial watchdog committee, with powers to query every government financial transaction.

The money the government is spending is not Tun Tan Siew Sin’s or Inche Khir Johari’s, but the people’s money. The public have a right therefore, to have a watch dog committee to ensure that the eleven years of Alliance financial extravaganza in waste has come to an end, and that an era of austerity and economy has started.

If the government opposes such a concept, it is proof that despite its public statements, the government is not prepared to control its spending spree, of building marble palaces for tourist to gaze in wonder and amazement, while the nation remains economically half slave and half free. Malaysian voters elected the Alliance to act wisely and speak honestly to them.

The Alliance has failed to do this. Can the Alliance leaders reform before it brings about the financial and economic ruin to the people and nation of Malaysia?

Audited on 2021-03-19