The case of the 11 condemned youths

DAP Replies to Alliance editorial: The case of the 11 condemned youths

The DAP welcomes the call by the editorial of the Alliance organ, the Alliance, urging a stay in the execution of the 11 youths condemned for consorting with Indonesians during Confrontation.

We must note with concern, however, the purpose of the call. According to the Alliance editorial, the call was made “in the hope that some fact may be brought to the fore would be enough to exonerate the condemned and save them from their own culpable tragedy.”

What new fact is likely to emerge concerning the case of the 11 youths? Is the Alliance organ suggesting that if no new fact emerges, these 11 youths deserve to be executed?

On the basis of present facts and arguments, the 11 youths deserve mercy and reprieve from the gallows.

In brief, they are:

1. The 11 youths were minors, below 21, when they got involved with the Indonesians, at an age when youths are easily misguided and misled.

2. The leaders of Malaysian collaboration with the Indonesian confrontationists, who received money to recruit youths to Indonesia for training, had been allowed to go scotfree. These 11 youths, who are guilty of lesser offence when compared to these Malaysian leaders of the Indonesian collaboration should, in justice and fairness, be spared the death sentence. We are not even asking for their release.

3. Indonesia confrontation has ended and Indonesians participated in the aggression against Malaysia have now become honoured guests of our country. Is it asking too much to urge the reprieve from death sentence of these 11 pawns of Indonesian Confrontationist?

These grounds are enough to warrant a reprieve, and have united all decent and compassionate Malaysians in the common hope that they will be reprieved.

We earnestly hope that the call in the Alliance editorial reflect the prestidigitation of the Alliance leaders, time will tell.

I believe that there are Alliance MPs and State Assemblymen and leaders who have a heart and a conscience and who do not want to see those 11 youths executed. This matter must be treated solely as a matter for individual conscience to decide, and not subject to party line.

We urge all decent, compassionate and humane Alliance MPs, State Assemblymen and leaders to lend their voices to the national call and movement for mercy and compassion, and not stifle their conscience and harden their hearts for party purposes.

The Alliance Editorial reeks with venom and spite against the DAP for taking up the cause of the 11 youths. We can understand why.

Even more interesting is the authorship of the Alliance Editorial. It bears the mark, style and flourish of the ex-Barisan Sosialis leader, Mr. S. Woodhull.

We also understand the reason for Mr. Woodhull’s bile and bitterness. Several months back, he had written under his own name, but of late, he had written mostly as a ghost-writer.

Whether he has of late become very modest, or because he was ashamed of something, only Mr. Woodhull knows.

We do not propose however to get into abusive argument with Mr.Woodhull’s ghosted Alliance article, firstly because Mr. Woodhull is the last person to defend unswerving political principles, and secondly, because the cause of mercy of 11 youths rise above party politics.

We urge all parties and politicians to sink their political differences, and join hands on this issue to save the lives of 11 youths.

I have been in touch with the MTUC President, Mr.Yeok who is suggesting that the labour movement throw its support behind the national signature campaign.

The MTUC Executive Council will be meeting on Friday, and all humane Malaysians hope that it will act swiftly to mobilize workers to sign the petition.

Time is of essence. With more Malaysians signing up the petition, the chance of securing the reprieve of the 11 youths gets brighter, because we are confident that the Sultan of Johore would take into account the express wishes and hopes of Malaysians.

Audited on 2021-03-29.