MCA College

Speech by DAP Organising Secretary , Mr Lim Kit Siang, at the Setapak Public Rally on Sunday, July 28 at 8p.m.

The MCA Secretary-General, Mr Kam Woon Wah, declared yesterday that the MCA College is not a “multi–lingual” college.

This is a contradiction of statements by the Minister of Local Government and Housing and Chairman of MCA Working Team on Higher Education Planning Committee, Mr Khaw Khai Boh, and the MCA Youth Leader, Mr Lee San Choon.

Although Mr Khaw and Mr Lee have not said in so many words, they have publicly let it be known that the proposed MCA College will use more than one language medium of instruction.

In his press conference announcing the MCA College project, on 14.7, Mr Khaw said:
“As for the media of instruction, apart form teaching the various languages in their own media, the teaching of other subjects will depend on the most suitable media.”

This is clear indication that more than one language media will be used.

In his speech in Batu Pahat to the MCA on July 24, the MCA Youth Leader, Mr Lee San Choon, said :

“I wish to reiterate that at the Higher College Level, the question of only one language medium of instruction does not arise, as any such step will lower the academic standard of the college.”

Any Malaysian will conclude from these statements that the proposed MCA College will use multi– lingual media of instruction.

But Mr Kam Woon Wah has repudiated Mr Khaw and Mr Lee’s statements. Why?

Mr Kam Woon Wah and his MCA colleagues seem to regard multi-lingualism as a curse in multi-racial Malaysia. We wish to remind Mr Kam and his colleagues that if we are to genuinely achieve a multi-racial society, multi-ingualism is a cornerstone.

However, the people want to know the actual position. Will the MCA College use multi-lingual media of instruction, or will it use only one language as media of instruction, apart from teaching language subjects. If so, which language — Malay or English?

Mr Kam pledged that the MCA College will not depart from the Alliance national education policy, which is committed to using only Malay as the sole medium of instruction at all levels of education, from primary to university.

It is amusing to see MCA leaders protesting that the MCA College is not politically motivated.

If so, can MCA leaders explain why they are deadly opposed to the Merdeka University project, when the MCA College is patterned after the Merdeka University project.

Between these two projects, the Merdeka University is more deserving of government support, because it is not politically motivated, and does not have the support of MCA tycoons and millionaires – which the MCA College have.

We are still awaiting explanation from the MCA why they condemn the Merdeka University and want the people to support the MCA College.

Audited on 2021-04-05