Motion to reprieve the death sentence of the 13 condemned

Talk by DAP Organising Secretary, Mr. Lim Kit Siang, to members and supporters at Pusing, Perak, on Saturday, August 17, 1968 at 7.30 p.m

Appeal to Tunku to withdraw the whip to allow Alliance MPs to vote according to conscience on the motion to reprieve the death sentence of the 13 condemned.

When the motion seeking a reprieve of the death sentence of the 13 condemned youths is put to a vote in Parliament next week, we urge the Prime Minister to allow MPs to vote according to individual conscience, and not in conformity with any party line.

The issue of commuting the death sentence of life imprisonment is strictly above party politics, and should be treated as such.

The Parliament represents the supreme will of the people. If the MPs truly represent and reflect the people’s views, and are allowed to express them freely, we are certain that the voice of mercy, humanity and compassion will carry the day in the Parliament.

We urge all MPs to speak out courageously and loudly for mercy, to show the world that Malaysia is capable of the higher qualities of humanity and compassion.

I really pray that the 13 youths will be spared the last walk to death at the gallows, or it will do irreparable damage not only to our international image, but also to our own peace and well-being.

If the 13 youths are hung, then Malaysians will conclude that there are two laws for two groups of people.

Ahmad Boestaman, described by one Cabinet Minister in the Dewan Ra’ayat as having “conspired with enemies of the State”, is now free, and even given a MARA scholarship to study law in England. Many of the persons involved in the Indonesian-inspired conspiracy to establish a government-in-exile are now free men.

These are really the leaders who collaborated with the Indonesian confrontationists, and misled the 13 youths into their crimes.

But though their responsibility is greater, and their offence graver, their penalty is freedom and government financial assistance. We do not grudge these men freedom or government scholarship.

But if the stooges, which the 13 youths are, are executed, while the leaders of Indonesian collaboration are set free, Malaysians will be convinced that there are two laws for two groups of people.

This will shatter whatever confidence the people has in the impartiality of the government to administer justice.

Once this happens, then we will be nearing the day when people will stamp on the law, because it has failed to represent justice.

Audited on 2021-04-08