Soviet aggression in Czechoslovakia

The DAP Organising Secretary, Mr. Lim Kit Siang, today (23.8.68) issued the following statement:

All peace and freedom-loving people and nations must condemn the Soviet invasion and aggression of Czechoslovakia to impose the Soviet will on the Czechs.

Soviet action in Czechoslovakia has made a mockery of the United Nations Charter, and dealt a serious blow at efforts to establish international law and relations on the civilised basis of mutual respect of each other’s sovereignty and independence.

By its action in Czechoslovakia, the Soviet Union has given notice to the world that it is still brute might, and not right and justice, which counts in this globe of ours.

The Democratic Action Party is uncompromisingly opposed to all forms of aggression, regardless of quarter it comes from, whether it be Soviet action in Czechoslovakia or American action in Vietnam.

Small nations have a particular stake to support the Czech’s cause and struggle, because the Czechs are victims of big-power aggression. If the Czechs are crushed, the big-power bullies will have drawn the lesson from it.

All small and non-aligned nations must therefore rally to the Czechs, and not in the United Nations to put the pressure of world opinion on the Soviet Union to withdraw its troops from Czech soil, and make unmistakable its denunciation of Soviet aggression.

We therefore urge the Malaysian Government to instruct the Malaysian delegation to the United Nations to play an active role in the world body to join other non-aligned nations to prevail on the Russian government to respect world opinion, and desist from its course of aggression against a small nation.

Audited on 2021-04-21.