DAP’s challenge to Khir Johari to a TV debate

Speech by DAP Organising Secretary, Mr. Lim Kit Siang, at the general meeting of the Jinjang DAP Branch on Sunday, 25th August 1968 at 8 p.m.

A week ago, I challenged the UMNO Secretary-General, Inche Khir Johari, to a television debate with the DAP to substantiate his charge that the DAP is a “100 per cent communal party.”

A day and then a week passed, without any reply from the UMNO superman, Inche Khir.

If Inche Khir Johari has any proof to his charge that the “DAP is 100% communal”, he would have grapped the opportunity to expose the DAP before hundreds of thousands of television viewers.

Why didn’t and daren’t Inche Khir Johari accept the DAP challenge to a TV debate? There is only one reason. Inche Khir could not produce an iota of proof to substantiate his charge.

On the contrary, Inche Khir knows that the DAP might prove to the hilt at the TV debate that it is the UMNO which is really 100% communal.

The challenge to Inche Khir Johari is still open, whenever he plucks up sufficient courage. If he does not accept the challenge, which means he could not substantiate his charge against the DAP, then he must withdraw his allegation and apologise to the DAP.

This is what a politician of principle will do.

The DAP is dedicated to the cause and objective of multi-racialism.

Unlike the UMNO, where only Malays can join as members, all Malaysians regardless of his race can be a member of the DAP. Only Malays can be UMNO leaders, but DAP has leaders of Malay, Indian and Chinese origin.

The DAP supports Malay special rights, the sultanate system and Malay as the National Language. We even support the proposed formation of the National University to cater to the needs of Malay rural children, which the UMNO leadership has yet to endorse.

The DAP is for 100 per cent multi-racialism. This is where our strength and potential lies.

We really look forward to TV confrontation with Inche Khir Johari, because we have the confidence of men who know they are right and uphold a just and worthwhile cause.

Note to editors: The Setapak DAP Branch is holding a public rally at the Setapak Hotsprings tomorrow, 26 August 1968, at 7pm to explain the DAP’s policies and analysis the deep abiding problems confronting Malaysia in the economic, political, social and cultural fields.

Audited 2021-04-21.