Complaints by residents of Jalan Pegawai Dalam Housing Estate & against the Batu Pahat General Hospital

The chairman of the Batu Pahat DAP Branch, Mr. Lim Kit Siang, today (30.8.68) issued the following statement:

1. Complaints by residents of Jalan Pegawai Dalam Housing Estate

The Alliance took over the Batu Pahat local council on the ground that the elected council was inefficient and incompetent.

But the Alliance-run Batu Pahat local council is proving to be even more incompetent and inefficient.

For three years, the Pegawai Dalam Housing Estate has been sloppily maintained by the local council.

Refuse and garbage are not removed daily. They are allowed to accumulate for four or five days, flooding the entire housing estate with flies, causing a serious hazard to health.

Grass are not cut regularly, turning the housing estate into a mosquito-infested area, which is another serious hazard to health.

The 3,000 over residents in the Jalan Pegawai Dalam Housing Estate have suffered enough from the incompetence, inefficiency and indifference of the local council.

It is high time that the Alliance-run local council wake up from its sleep and take immediate action to improve the services to the Jalan Pegawai Dalam Housing Estate. The State Executive Councillor, Mr. Tan Peng Khoon, should personally look into this matter.

2. Mounting complaints against the Batu Pahat General Hospital by the Public

There has been mounting complaints by the Batu Pahat public against the Batu Pahat General Hospital.

Outpatients and admitted patients are treated shabbily and rudely, and the General Hospital authorities seem utterly indifferent to the problems, needs, pain and suffering of patients.

The majority of the patients who had occasion to be admitted had one complaint or another against the General Hospital. Either they were not attended to, had been abused at, or their medicines and injections not given properly and in time, or the staff are rude and indifferent.

There had been cases where seriously injured persons taken to hospital were made to wait for treatment so that the slow-moving staff can find out their particulars concerning name, age, address, etc. This is an atrocious and deplorable state of affairs. There is no sense or urgency and of priority to serve the suffering, the sick and the infirm.

Probably, one of these days, a person will die of bleeding if he is unfortunate enough to be unconscious and not to have his identity card with him.

The entire administration, discipline and service of the B.P. General Hospital must be overhauled and improved, if the General Hospital is to serve the Batu Pahat people well, competently and courteously.

The Batu Pahat DAP Branch calls on the new Minister of Health, Dr. Ng Kam Poh, to pay an early visit to the Batu Pahat General Hospital to see things for himself, hear complaints from the people of Batu Pahat, and improve the standard of service in the hospital.

Audited on 2021-04-21.