Resignation of V. Ganasan from DAP to join Gerakan

The DAP Organising Secretary, Mr. Lim Kit Siang, today (10.9.68) issued the following statement:

Resignation of V. Ganasan from DAP to join Gerakan

The press recently reported the resignation of one Mr. V. Ganasan from the Seremban DAP to join the Gerakan.

Mr. Ganasan, 26, clerk, who passed Form Four from Anglo Chinese Secondary School, Seremban, 1960, was described as a “DAP stalwart” and given various titles.

In the Straits Times, he was described as Seremban DAP Branch Chairman. In the Eastern Sun, Nanyang Siang Pao, Sin Chew Jit Poh, China Press and Thung Pao, he was described as former Secretary of the DAP Working Committee.

For the record, Mr. Ganasan was a former member whose membership lapsed for failures to pay subscriptions. He was never on any DAP branch committee or sub-committee.

Since the formation of Seremban DAP Branch, the Chairman of the Branch had been Dr. S. Seeveratnam. So Mr. Ganasan could not have been Seremban DAP Branch Chairman.

Probably, the Gerakan, out of desperation to get cheap publicity, decided to give Seremban DAP Branch chairmanship to Mr. V. Ganasan in their imagination.

Mr. V. Ganasan was also never a secretary of the DAP Working Committee, for the simple reason that the DAP never had a Working Committee.

The Gerakan and the MCA are trying to make capital out of Mr. Ganasan’s joining the Gerakan, and try to present a picture of the DAP disintegrating with “party stalwarts” like Mr. Ganasan leaving the party. Fools must be allowed to have their day.

Expulsion of Mr. Loh Chee Fun of Setapak DAP Branch

The Central Executive Committee has expelled Mr. Loh Chee Fun, member in Setapak DAP Branch, from the Party for misconduct in the Party.

The Party will not allow undesirable elements to make use of the Party to serve their petty personal interests.

This is to inform all members of the public that Mr. Loh Chee Fun has nothing to do whatsoever with the DAP.

Audited on 2021-04-28.