Proposal for good behaviour prisoners

The proposal to allow good-behaviour prisoners at the end of their sentence to have weekly family reunion is an enlightened and progressive one, as it will help to condition them to return to normal family life.

It is in keeping with the modern emphasis on the rehabilitation aspect of the penal system, instead of on the penalty aspect.

An enlightened prison system should not merely punish criminals, but should also rehabilitate them. Otherwise, after their release, these ex-prisoners will feel bitter against society, and will remain as anti-social elements.

Greater emphasis should be paid in prison systems towards the integration of criminals with society, by training them to be useful citizens economically and emotionally after their release.

Conjugal reunions will be one such step which can contribute to their emotional stability.

In this connection, political prisoners should also be allowed to be reunited with their family at least once a week. The State should try as much as possible to prevent the break-up of family lives of political detainees.

Audited on 2021-03-11