DAP calls for withdrawal of FAMA Fish Marketing Board Scheme

Speech by DAP Organising Secretary, Mr. Lim Kit Siang, at the DAP public rally at Jelupang on Sunday, 3rd Nov, 1968 at 8 p.m.

DAP calls for withdrawal of FAMA Fish Marketing Board Scheme

The DAP calls for the withdrawal of the FAMA Fish Marketing Board Scheme as the FAMA has been unable to explain to the public and the fish industry how its proposed scheme could benefit all concerned.

On the contrary, it is clear to all who read the proposed FAMA Fish Marketing Board Scheme that if the scheme is implemented, everyone, whether it be the wholesaler, fishmonger, fishermen or consumer, will suffer. The scheme, as it stands, will disrupt and dislocate the fish trade and raise the price of fish.

It will also provide considerable room for corrupt practice by Board officials, which will add to the hardships of the fishmongers, fishermen and the public.

In reply to my respect call for a clear-cut explanation to the public as to how the proposed scheme could benefit the fishermen and fishmongers, the FAMA Deputy Chairman, Inche Abdul Aziz bin Yasin, said that all the fishmongers and fishermen he had met supported the scheme.

One wonders whether these fishmongers and fishermen were figments of imagination of the FAMA authorities.

For the past week, the press had been full of opposition to the proposed scheme, not only from fishmongers, both retail and wholesale, but also from fishermen as well. Not a single organisation had voiced support for the scheme.

The biggest worry that has been aroused by the FAMA scheme is that this is an excuse for the government to control the fish trade, and manipulate it to benefit only a small section of people.

In the interest of public welfare, we urge the FAMA to withdraw the marketing board scheme. If the government genuinely wishes to help improve the lot of fishermen, then it should draw up a scheme after consulation with the fishermen and fishmongers, and their representative organisations.