The rebuilding of the Sri Maha Mariamman Temple in Federal Experimental Station, Serdang

DAP candidate for the Serdang State By election, Mr. Lim Kit Siang and DAP National Organising Secretary, today issued the following statement:

When I visited the Federal Experimental Station in Serdang on Sunday, the people of Serdang Station complained that Mr. Micheal Chen, the Member of Parliament for the area, has broken his promise to rebuild the Sri Mariamman Temple in Serdang Station.

Mr. Micheal Chen had promised to rebuild the Sri Mariamman Temple during the 1964 general elections campaign, and after his election, verbally pledged to get $8,000 for the rebuilding of the Temple.

However, instead of fulfilling his promise, Mr. Micheal Chen found $25,000 for another Temple in the Station, which is controlled by the Malaysian Indian Congress officials.

Two questions now arise :

(1) why did Mr. Micheal Chen break his solemn pledge to the Sri Mariamman Temple to help rebuild it?

(2) why couldn’t the $25,000 be divided between the two temples, instead of discriminating against one in favour of another, just because the latter were M.I.C. people? Does it mean that the government money, which are in effect people’s money, will only be spent on MIC projects?

Mr. Micheal Chen is an honourable man. He is honour bound to fulfill his pledge to the Sri Mariamman Temple. He has not explained to the Sri Mariamman Temple authorities why he had failed to fulfill his pledge. I urge him to pay a visit to the Sri Mariamman Temple and meet the temple authorities, and fulfill his election pledge.

Audited on 2021-03-17