In reply to Lim Tian Kaik

The DAP Serdang State by-election candidate, Mr. Lim Kit Siang, who is also DAP Organising Secretary (29.12.68)

I have never seen a more low-class statement than the one issued by the Political Secretary, Mr. Lim Tian Kaik.

Any Malaysian who had been following my statements and speeches in the press and public meetings will know that Mr. Lim’s statement contained a tissue of fabrications, distortions and downright lies.

It is clear that Mr. Lim is being paid over $1,000 out of public funds just to tell lies for the MCA.

Mr. Lim’s statement betrays the character and personality of the writer – completely without honestly and regard for truth.

I hereby, with deliberation and purpose, call Mr. Lim Tian Kaik a liar. If he is a man of honour, he can sue me, and he will have to pay the legal costs.

I regret that I have to use such a strong word as ‘liar’, but there is no better description.