Electricity for Puchong 14.m.s.

Speech by DAP Organising Secretary, Mr. Lim Kit Siang, at the Puchong 14.m.s. DAP Branch on Tuesday, 4th March 1969 at 8p.m.

Even up to today, there is still no electricity for the people of Puchong 14.m.s when their friends at Puchong 12.m.s, which is a much smaller area, have already been enjoying the facilities of electricity for a considerable time.

There is no reason why electricity cannot be extended to Puchong 14.m.s. if we have a government which genuinely cares for the welfare and livelihood of the people.

The people of Puchong pay as much taxes and rates as people in other areas, which have electricity. Why are the people of Puchong 14.m.s discriminated against?

The people of Puchong want to know what the Member of Parliament for the area, Mr. Michael Chen, the Parliamentary Secretary to Tun Razak, had done in the last five years to bring electricity to Puchong 14.m.s. to light up the lives of his voters in the area?

We want the Member of Parliament for Damansara to explain why he has failed to bring electricity to Puchong 14.m.s. in the last five years.

The DAP views with grave concern the neglect of the welfare of the people of Puchong 14.m.s., and calls on the Alliance government to make immediate amends by immediately bringing electricity to Puchong 14.m.s.