Two questions for Mr Lew Sip Hon

Speech by DAP Organising Secretary and Parliamentary Candidate for Bandar Malacca, Mr. Lim Kit Siang, at a DAP public rally Rodgers Street, Kuala Lumpur on 19-4-69:

While posing as the new MCA champion of the Chinese language and Education in Malaysia, the Alliance candidate, Mr. Lew Sip Hon, has studiously evaded foundamental issues and question concerning Chinese Languages and Education.
Mr. Lew had boasted that the Maju Ward had the brain power to match the brains in the DAP, but when he is asked to an open confrontation of ideas, he has always run away – like his mentor Inche Khir Johari. If Mr. Lew Sip Hon continues to run away from foundamental issues he should change the name of the MCA Maju Ward to MCA Malu Ward.

Tonight I want to ask Mr. Lew Sip Hon two questions, one on the Abdul Rahman Talib Education report, and the other on Merdeka University. I hope this time, he does not run away from the issues again.

1. Abdul Rahman Talib Report

I want to know whether Mr. Lew Sip Hon accept and support Mr. Koh Kim Leng’s Abdul Rahman Talib Education report, which is the Alliance Master Plan to destroy Chinese, English and Tamil Education in Malaysia.

Mr. Koh Kim Leng’s Abdul Rahman Talib’s report is the corner stone of the UMNO strategy to realize a “One Nation one language, one language, one Media school” in Malaysia.

As a result of Mr. Koh Kim Leng’s Abdul Rahman Talib’s report the alliance government can within 24 hours close down all Chinese, English and Tamil schools and convert them into Malay Schools. The process of mass conversion of Non-Malay Schools into Malay Schools has already started.

By 1971 there will be no more English Primary Schools. I believe Chinese and Tamil primary schools will be destroyed even earlier.

During the Colonial days even the English masters dare not say the Chinese cannot send their children to Chinese Schools. But today, under the MCA, under Koh Kim Leng’s Abdul Rahman Talib’s Education report, MCA leaders are telling the Chinese that they cannot send their children to Chinese Schools.

I want Mr. Lew Sip Hon to state categorically whether he agrees with Mr. Koh Kim Leng’s Abdul Rahman Talib Education Report to Malay-ise all schools in this country.

2. Merdeka University

Does Mr. Lew Sip Hon endorse Tun Tan Siew Sin’s unreasonable and fanatical opposition to the establishment of the Merdeka University?

Tun Tan Siew Sin has declared his contempt for the nation-wide efforts of all lovers of Chinese education and language, the hawkers, hairdressers, trishaw riders, traders, fishermen, etc. who are responding to the call to contribute donations to the Merdeka University. Tun Tan said that given 10 years, the ordinary folks will not be able to establish the Merdeka University. He also said the chances of Merdeka University succeeding are like expecting ‘iron trees to produce flowers.’
I want Mr. Lew Sip Hon to declare publicly whether he supports the Merdeka University, or whether he is in full agreement with Tun Tan Siew Sin in wanting to see the Merdeka University fail.

If Mr. Lew Sip Hon claims that he supports the Merdeka University, then would he be prepared to resign from the MCA and denounce Tun Tan Siew Sin if Tun Tan Siew Sin continues to oppose and try to wreck the Merdeka University project, and refuse it government registration.

I hope Mr. Lew Sip Hon will answer my two questions, if he does not answer them, then the public and the voters of Bungsar can draw their own conclusions.