An Open Letter to the Voters of Malacca by Lim Kit Siang, DAP Parliamentary Candidate for Bandar Melaka May 7, 1969

Dear People and Voters of Malacca,

I wish first of all to thank the people and voters of Malacca who have shown me great kindness and given me great encouragement and support since Nomination Day, April 5.

This has given the DAP and myself confidence that after 10th May, Malacca will emerge as one of the foremost capitals of the Malaysian Malaysia campaign and regain her historic role of 500 years ago, when she was a leader of ideas, hub of commerce and centre of culture.

    Alliance and its candidate, Mr. Koh Kim Leng

The Bandar Melaka Parliamentary constituency is a three cornered contest.

The Alliance candidate is former Senator, Mr. Koh Kim Leng. Mr. Koh ‘s most famous public record to date are:

(1) He authored the 1960 Abdul Rahman Talib Education Report, which forms the Alliance blueprint to kill Chinese, Tamil and English schools, language and cultures. In other words, Mr. Koh Kim Leng is the great Alliance mastermind to make Malaysia a completely Malay nation, where there is only one language and culture.
(2) Senator for Malacca for 10years, without doing a single public service. Mr. Koh had collected over $100,000 as Senator’s pay for the last ten years, but he has not done $10 of public service work.
In the elections campaign, Mr. Koh has also hired professional character assassins to blacken my character and reputation. He even went to the extent of warning the Chinese that they will loss their citizenship, and even of being slaughtered, if they don’t vote him and the Alliance. Mr. Koh also spread the lie that I have teamed up with the PMIP, which shares the same objective as the UMNO is wanting a Malay Malaysia. The only difference is PMIP wants it immediately, while the UMNO was prepared to wait ten or twenty years, so that the MCA stooges can give them a cover of multi-racialism.

The Alliance, after 13 years of rule, has proved itself to be a corrupt, decadent, inefficient, incapable, and immoral government.

But the great indictment that could be made against the Alliance is its ultra Malay policy, to destroy other people’s languages, cultures, ways of life, and schools. Malaysians are divided into first-class bumiputras and second-class non-bumiputras, and their education facilities, job opportunities, economic pursuits are all affected by racial discrimination.

    Inche Hasnul and Party Rakyat

The other Parliamentary candidate, Inche Hasnul bin Hadi, is anti-Chinese and irresponsible.

Inche Hasnul idolizes Sukarno, and supports Sukarno’s anti-Chinese persecution in Indonesia. In fact, Hasnul is now saying that Sukarno is not anti-Chinese, although the whole world knows that Sukarno persecuted the Chinese more than any other man, seized Chinese property, forced them to give up their Chinese names and use Indonesian names, close down Chinese newspaper and schools, and even massacred and slaughtered tens of thousands of innocent Chinese.

The Party Rakyat and Inche Hasnul have now joined the DAP in calling for a public inquiry into the senseless and barbaric killing of Lim Seng Sun in Kepong. This is right and welcome.

But last June, when 13 youths were to be hanged at the gallows for taking Party Rakyat advice in consorting with Sukarno during the Confrontation period, Inche Hasnul was so heartless and finger to try to save the e13 condemned youths. It was left to the DAP and other opposition parties to lead the nation-wide campaign to save them from the gallows.

The Party Rakyat’s language and education policy is exactly the same as UMNO’s. They also want Chinese schools to be eliminated, and Chinese language to disappear.

The Party Rakyat is a completely Malay party, as it does not have single Chinese or Indian on its National Central Executive Council.

    Democratic Action Party

The third party is the Democratic Action Party with myself as the Parliamentary candidate.

The DAP stands for a Malaysian Malaysia, where the attempt to destroy Chinese, Tamil and English schools, languages and cultures are stopped.

We want Chinese, English and Tamil to become official languages, so that they could be used in Parliamentary and State Assembly speeches, government correspondence, public notices, etc.

We want the Alliance to stop dividing the people into first-class bumiputras and second-class non-bumiputras. We also want the government to stop discriminating against the other races on solely racial grounds in the schools, examination marks, admission into the University, job application, land application, contract work, granting of permits, etc.

The DAP is the only party which stands for racial language, cultural equality and freedom. All the others, like the Alliance and Party Rakyat, stand for the suppression of all other schools, languages and cultures except the Malay or Indonesian kind.

    The most basic and Fundamental issue on May 10

On May 10 polling day, every other issue is secondary to the issue as to whether Malaysia is to become a Malay Malaysia, or to become a Malaysian Malaysia.

Since 1995, when Alliance came into power, its objective had been to systematically achieve a Malay Malaysia. This is why all Chinese secondary schools have been closed down except for 20-odd Independent secondary schools. This is why Mr. Koh Kim Leng wrote the Abdul Rahman Talib Education Report to destroy all non-Malay schools and educational institutions. This is also why the Alliance is opposed to the Merdeka University and refuses to recognize Nanyang University and Formosan degrees and qualifications, although they recognize Indonesian degrees.

From the UMNO’s Malay Malaysia can be traced all the racial discrimination in Malaysian society.

If on May 10, the people fail to unite to demonstrate their unity and resolve to oppose a Malay Malaysia, then all is lost, and we must have condemned not only ourselves but also out children and children’s children to be slaves of others in this country.

    The Real Battle

The real battle on May 10 is between the DAP and the Alliance. The Party Rakyat and Inche Hasnul are utterly irrelevant in this last ditch battle to stop the death of Chinese, language education and culture and all other non-Malay ways of life in this country.

The Party Rakyat will only help to split opposition votes, and help the Alliance.

All anti-Alliance Malaccan must vote solidly for the Rocket, for a vote for the Rakyat is virtually a vote for the Alliance, in that this will split the Rocket votes and benefit the Alliance.
Bandar Melaka Municipality

A DAP victory in Bandar Melaka Parliamentary and State constituencies, will lay the solid foundation for the DAP capture of the Melaka Municipality.

The DAP will show to the people of Malacca and Malaysia what we can do to serve the people, to turn Malacca in a thriving capital, where every citizen is proud to be a citizen of Malacca.

    My Solemn Pledge

I have personally solemnly pledged that if elected, I will live, stay and work in Malacca to serve my constituency and electorate. This solemn pledge I shall honour.

In conclusion, I wish only to stress the importance of every voter casting his vote. Those who have not received voting cards from political parties should take their identity cards to their polling stations to check, because their names might have been left out by political parties.

A vote is sacred. A vote is secret. Let us all use our vote to sweep out the decadent, corrupt, incompetent, racialist Alliance, and let the winds of change blow out from Malacca to the four corners of Malaysia, to usher in a new age – a Malaysian Malaysia!

Yours sincerely,
(Lim Kit Siang)
DAP Parliamentary Candidate
for Bandar Melaka