DAP in Sabah

Statement by DAP Organising Secretary and Parliamentary Candidate for Bandar Melaka, Mr. Lim Kit Siang, at the Subang International Airport before leaving for Sabah on 13th May 1969 at 9.15a.m

I have been instructed by the DAP leadership to go to Sabah with three objectives:

(1) To help independent Parliamentary candidates in Sabah, at the invitation of the Sabah Independents

(2) To urge the people of Sabah and Sarawak to vote solidly for Opposition Candidates, and to vote in at least 12 Opposition Parliamentarians. With this figure, and the 37 Opposition Parliamentarians already voted in West Malaysia, the Alliance will be denied its two-thirds majority to change the Malaysian Constitution at will, to serve Alliance party interest to the detriment of Malaysian interests.

(3) To form DAP Branches in Sabah.

The entire Malaysian people and nation is on the move and on a great wave for change. The DAP has emerged as the leading Opposition party in the country, with the largest Opposition Parliamentary group.

Our victory in the West Malaysian general elections is only the first step and beginning of our political crusade for equality and justice in Malaysia, equality for the races, languages, culture and classes – a Malaysian Malaysia.
Selangor State Deadlock

The Selangor State is facing a deadlock with the Alliance and the Opposition each having 14 seats. The best way to resolve this deadlock and uncertainly is to have immediate fresh general elections for all Selangor State Government, the most important state throughout the country, and prove to the people of Selangor and Malaysia that our democratic socialist beliefs and principles can serve the people, whether the rural peasants or the urban workers, better than the feudalist-compradore policies of the Alliance.

I call on Dato Harun not to cling to power that he and the Selangor Alliance has lost.

There should be immediately fresh general elections for the Selangor State.