A letter to the Chairman of DAP, Dr. Chen Man Hin- The suit on the NOC’s decision regarding consultative committee

Below is the complete text of a letter dated 27.12.69 form Comrade Lim Kit Siang , our detained Secretary-General, to our Party Chairman Dr. Chen Man Hin.
Muar Detention Camp
Dear Chen,

The NOC decision are re: consultative committee is negative. I must confess that I had entertained some hopes that the leaders in power are genuinely trying to lead Malaysia out of the morass of racialism, bigotry and reaction, onto the highlands of multi-racial nationhood, social justice, prosperity, in working hand-in-hand with Opposition parties and leaders.

But the decision has proved me wrong, alas.

I do not see a light yet at the end of the tunnel. There seems to be everywhere, the storm signals of the coming fury.

The NOC seems to have set its face firmly against the winning of multi-racial confidence.

The only salvation for Malaysian is the mobilization of a national body of Malaysian-centric and minded Malaysians. We are now the sole beacon of hope. Let our stand and clarion call be clear, unsullied and uncompromised by short-term considerations or expediency.

By our action, or even non-action, we can put our message across succinctly and clearly to the populace, who are looking to us for guidance. The right and power to say “No” can be a very potent one. It must however be exercised wisely and at the right moment. I think this is the ripe time.

I leave it to you and our other comrades to make the final decision re: the suit. I have decided to go ahead. However, if there are considerations which I am not aware, feel free to hold up the forwarding of the letter to Nadchitram, which I enclose.

I am not concerned about whatever personal consequences that may attend the suit. For the eternal values of justice, truth and public good, we must be prepared to make the supreme sacrifice, as one famous warrior once put it.

Signed: Lim Kit Siang