Back pay for State Assemblymen



To All State Assemblymen, DAP


Back pay for State Assemblymen

The Johore State Assembly has before it a bill to increase the remuneration of State Assemblymen from $500 a month to $750, this increase to be backdated to January 1970.

We expect all other State Assemblies to follow suit.

You will recall that Members of Parliament had their allowances increased by $250 in October last year, the increase effective from January 1970.

The entire arrears of backpay of DAP Members of Parliament were paid into the Democratic Socialist Trust Fund on the grounds (1)that we disagree with the principle of oncrement of salary, in particular the backdating from January 1970, as (a) it is improper for elected representatives to vote for their own salary increases when salaries of workers and government employees have not been improved; and (b) the backdating is unjustifiable as from January to October 1970, elected representatives were not allowed to carry out their elected responsibilities during the period of Emergency; and (2) to contribute backpay arrears to the cause of our common struggle to bring about a democratic socialist, multi-racial Malaysian Malaysia.

The Central Executive Committee, at its meeting yesterday, decided that the backpay arrears of State Assemblymen should also be paid into the Democratic Socialist Trust Fund in accordance with the example set by the DAP Members of Parliament.

However, only the backpay for 10 months from January 1970 to October 1970 will affected- as MPs were given backpay for 10 months. This works out to $2,500 for every Assemblyman.

The Central Executive Committee looks forward to your contribution, and steps will taken to implement this decision.

As a movement, we are going through a very trying time, in the face of mounting pressures and challenges from our political enemies. This is a time for greater unity, solidarity and sacrifice to get us out of the present situation.

I am personally confident that with renewed commitment, energy and vigour, we should be able to break out into new paths of advance and progress for our movement for a democratic socialist, multi-racial Malaysian Malaysia.