Goodwill Mission to China

Goodwill Mission to China

The DAP proposes that Malaysia send a goodwill mission to China to promote goodwill and friendship between the peoples of the two countries.

This will be a positive and concrete step towards the normalisation of relationship between China and Malaysia.

This will be mission should comprise representatives from all political parties and a cross-section of Malaysians from all walks of life, such as workers, farmers, teachers, doctors, educationists, scientists, etc.

One of the causes which had bedevilled the relationship between China and Malaysia had been the past government attitude of hostility to the Communist government in China, stemming from its acceptance of the American and Formosan doctrine that the Communist Government was an illegal government.

Once Malaysia accept the fact that the Communist government of China is not a conspiracy to enslave the people of China, but a legal government which has the support of the majority of the Chinese people, and is dedicated to the cause of increasing the material welfare o the Chinese people, then the basis for normal and friendly relationship between the two countries will be laid.

As a country in South East Asia whose destiny will to a large extent be influenced by the decisions and actions of China, we must strive, to our own interest, to be on friendly terms with Peking.

Peking is now embarking on a new phase of foreign policy, as witnessed by the invitation of the American table-tennis team to China.

Malaysia should positively and actively seek to establish and maintain friendly relations with China by promoting and strengthen as many ties as possible between the peoples of China and Malaysia.

A goodwill mission by the people of Malaysia to China will be a step in the right direction. We therefore call on the government to give approval and encouragement to such a goodwill mission to China.