Bekok State by-election in Johore

Bekok State by-election in Johore

The Bekok state by-election campaign is a week-old. We stand an even chance of winning the state seat if we can concentrate our national manpower and resources in the constituency.

The stakes involves in Bekok are not merely local or even of State interest. They are of great national importance and significance, both for us in the DAP and for the Alliance, and in particular the MCA.

If we win in Bekok, it will mean a vindication and endorsement of our party stand in post-May 13 Malaysia and in Parliament over the Constitution Amendment Bill.

Bekok will then provide an opportinity for the people throughout the country to articulate their grievances and discontents, and be a rallying point for all those disenchanted with the democratic process.

If we lose, it will be a big set-back for our cause and struggle,

For the Alliance, in particular, the MCA, the stakes are even greater. It is no exaggeration to say that Bekok is the final testing ground for the future of MCA.

If the MCA losses in Bekok, it will mean the end of MCA, Tun Tan Siew Sin and all his latest attempts to regain political support for his party and himself.

As a victory for us in Bekok will give us a great forward momentum for our cause throughout the country, we should spare no efforts to concentrate our energies there.

Every MP and State Assemblymen should make arrangements to be at Bekok on polling day to help in the polling day work. This means that MPs and State Assemblymen should arrive in Bekok by the evening of 14th May.

Secondly, MPs and State Assemblymen should make arrangements to make two other trips, at least one, down to Bekok to go house-to-house visits on the voters. The voters are impressed by MPs and State Assemblymen calling on them. It is preferable that these visits in each state should be spread out so that there is isn’t a great concentration of MPs and Sas on weekends and no one during other weekdays.

Every MPs and SAs should liaise with DAP HQ Tel.563160(KL) or with DAP Elections HQ at Cha’ah, Johore, Tel.208. The Elections Sub-Committee Chairman is Lee Kau, Assemblyman for Gunong Lambak.

It would be preferable, of course, if MPs and Sas can arrange to go down to Bekok for a week’s stay and work.

Branches should also send their cadres to help in the campaign.

Finally, on polling day, MPs and SAs should bring their cars down to Bekok as the Elections Sub-committee will be relying on MPs and SAs to provide the cars to get the voters to the booths.