Betrayal on Members

Speech by DAP Malacca State Chairman and Member of Parliament for Bandar Melaka, Mr Lim Kit Siang, at a meeting of the Malacca State DAP Sub-Committee on Monday, 9th August 1971 at 5pm

Last week, after seven members of the party in Malacca had declared their betrayal of the cause of the DAP, there was a deliberate and sustained campaign to try to get other DAP members and officials, particularly in the state of Malacca, to join them in a collective walk-out from the party.

During those few days of the campaign, I deliberately kept away from Malacca, although some of our comrades urged me to come to Malacca to counter this vicious and anti-party campaign.

I declined to do so. I was convinced that sound and loyal members of the DAP will not be shaken by these baseless and malicious campaign, Our members know what the Party stand for, and the leadership they have. On the other hand, members and officials who could be influenced by this baseless and malicious anti-party campaign are not worth having in the party as they lack the stability of character and soundness of judgment necessary in a political movement. I decided to let these anti-party elements a free hand to do their worst.

I have been proved right. Solid and loyal members do not and cannot fall prey to such baseless anti-party activities. Only those who are inherently unstable, unreliable and opportunistic can be influenced.

From the press accounts, those outside Malacca would have thought that the entire Malacca State DAP had disintegrated from the Party. But the people of Malacca know better. For, although this is a paradox, he DAP in Malacca is now stronger than ever before, with greater potential for growth and expansion.

This reminds me of the expulsion of one highly opportunistic and self-seeking member in Johore at the end of last yea, when he defected to the Gerakan Ra’ayat last year, the press accounts gave the impression as if the whole of DAP Johore has collapsed. The Gerakan leaders thought so too at that time. Now they know better.

The DAP is in Malacca and Malaysia to stay. Before the 1969 General Elections, there were only two branches in the State of Malacca. Today, we have seven branches in the State of Malacca, with more branches to be opened up in the different parts of the State.

We shall continue to expand and grow from strength to strength. Only dedicated and sincere people, with the stamina and staying power to commit themselves to a long struggle for a democratic socialist and a more just and equal Malaysia, can last the pace. Others will fall by the wayside.