Report on Inspection Tour of Serdang Constituency

Report by Secretary-General on inspection tour of Serdang Constituency on Oct, 16 and 17, 1971.

1. Programme

On Oct. 16 from 2 p.m to 11 p.m., visited Sungei Besi, Serdang Lama, Serdang Bahru new village.

On Oct 17, from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m., visited Sungei Way, Subang Resettlement Village, Kuchai 6 m.s., Kuchai 8 m.s. and Puchong 14m.s.


Eight formal meetings were held:

i) Serdang Bahru Branch Meeting
ii) Serdang Lisison Committee meeting
iii) Sungei Way
iv) Kuchai 6 m.s.
v) Kuchai 8.m.s.
vi) Puchong Community Hall
vii) Kuchai 6 m.s. Deepavali tea-party at house of Sdr. Letchumanan
viii) Subang Resettlement village

Punctuality: Strict Observance

2. Criticisms and comments

During the tour, members of public and party members were asked to freely criticise and comment on constituency performance of the incumbent DAP M.P. and State Assemblyman, and suggest improvement to their constituency performance.

During the entire tour, I was accompanied by the Member of Parliament for Damansara, Sdr. Hor Check Foon and State Assemblyman for Serdang, Sdr, Yao Plan Hon. Sdr, Chian Heng Kai, also was present.

(a) Sdr, Hor Check Foon, M.P.

Main Criticisms:

i. Failure to visit Constituency
ii. Failure to keep in touch with party members.
iii. Unpunctually for meetings, for sometimes as long as 1.5 to hours; and even being absent altogether when he had promised he would attend.
iv. Broken undertakings to branches and members.
v. Overbearing and aloof.

Sdr. Hor explained that he had visited the various areas of Serdang, but his visits were unexpected, unannounced and irregular. As a result, not many people knew about it. He would henceforth fix regular visits, and a few days before each visit to an area, there will be press publicity so that people who want to meet him know when end and where to see him. He will, among other things, fix one day each for Serdang Bahru and Sungei Way, every month, and once in six weeks for Kuchai.

Sdr. Hor accepted criticism in commendable fraternal spirit and undertook to improve himself and his constituency service.

(b) Sdr, Yap Pian Hon, S.A.

i. Constituency service very satisfactory
ii. He should keep in clear touch with Sdr. Hor Check Foon, and let him know the problems which he, as State Assemblyman, cannot handle. There must be rapport between the M.P. and S.A.
iii. He should take a more active and leading role to lead the branches.

(c) Branches:

Both the M.P and the S.A. must help lead, encourage and guide the branches to become dynamic local DAP centres. However, the organization and expansion of branches is not the only task of the M.P. and the S.A., but the collective responsibility of all the committee members and ordinary members. There must be a collective spirit.

i. Serdang Bahru Branch: Once one of the most outstanding DAP Branches. Members interest had declined considerably, and now fairly dormant. Should be reactivated and regain old position as one of the leading DAP Branches in Malaysia.
ii. Sungei Way Branch: Housed in home of Sdr. Lau Dak Kee. Should get more members and plan out activities to make greater impact in the new village.
iii. Fuchai 8.m.s. Branch: Registration just received. Should plan early branch opening.
iv. Puchong DAP Branch: Should be revived.
v. Slak South: Did not visit. Should try to get local people to join the Party.
vi. Subang Resettlement Village: Sdr.Yap Pian Hon, also in capacity as NNVSC, and Sdr. Lau Dak Kee, to champion the cause of the villagers, Good ground for extending DAP influence. Should be diligently nurtured.

(d) Conclusions

i. The criticism sessions very useful, as members have chance to vent their discontents, grievances have chance to views. M.P. and S.A. get to know members feelings, leading to greater comradeship and stronger DAP organization in the constituency.
ii. Once a year, the CEC will send a representative on an inspection tour of every DAP Parliamentary/ State constituency to check on constituency performance.

c.c National Chairman
CEC members
DAP Assemblyman

Chairman/ Secretary, Branches in Serdang constituency

Chairman/Secretary, State Sub- Committee