DAP to stamp out political parasites

Speech by DAP Secretary-General and Member of Parliament for Bandar Melaka, Mr. Lim Kit Siang, at the Seremban DAP Branch on Saturday, 30th Oct. 1971 before starting on his two-day inspection tour of the Seremban Timor Parliamentary constituency

DAP to stamp out political parasites

Seremban Timor Parliamentary constituency, which includes the two DAP State seats of Rahang and Sungei Ujong, is my third visit in my national tour of all DAP parliamentary and State constituencies to check on the constituency performance of Dap Members of Parliament and State Assemblymen, and to seek public views as to how DAP constituency service can be further improved.

The people had high hopes of the DAP when they voted solidly for the DAP candidates in the 1969 general elections. It is the resolve of the DAP Central Executive Committee that every DAP Member of Parliament and State Assemblymen should live up to the public expectations, and conscientiously serve the people, party and country.

The DAP does not want to have my political parasites among our MPs and State Assemblymen.

One reason why the people had so decisively rejected the Alliance and MCA candidates in the 1969 general elections was because the electorate found that in the past decade, the overwhelming majority of Alliance and MCA MPs and State Assemblymen were political parasites. They collected their monthly Parliamentary or State Assembly allowance, but had no time for the problems of their constituents, the party or the country. They were really self-seekers, time-servers and power-grabbers for them, to be an MP or a State Assemblymen was merely a instrument to personal advancement in wealth, status and power, rather than a noble opportunity to dedicate oneself to the service of the people, party and country.

The DAP will not hesitate to stamp out any political parasite in the Party. This is why the DAP Central Executive Committee has launched a national campaign to tighten discipline, and upgrade the service and performance of all DAP MPs and State Assemblymen in the country.

This is was also why the Central Executive Committee, at its meeting on 9th October, served notice on Chin Chan Sung, Assemblyman for Lukut, and Haji Hassan bin Haji Ahmad, State Assemblyman for Si Rusa, both from Negeri Sembilan, to show cause why they should not be disciplined or expelled for consistent flouting of Party discipline and neglect of constituency duties.

I remember that when I was in political detention in Muar, I received numerous complaints and reports that Mr. Chin had completely neglected party and constituency duties and responsibilities.

When I wrote to him, he replied that the complaints and reports were groundless and untrue. On my release from detention, I found that the reports and complaints were completely true.

What is more, after the restoration of political activities and Parliamentary life, Chin Chan Sung continued to neglect party and constituency responsibilities despite repeated reminders.

Despite all these infractions and mistakes, if Chin Chan Sung and Haji Hassan bin Haji Ahmad were prepared to be humble and admit their past errors, and pledge to begin a new leaf and conscientiously serve their constituents and the party, they would be given another chance.

But Chin Chan Sung and Haji Hassan have chosen to publicly betray the paty and the people who put them in the State Assembly. In fact, at the recent Negeri Sembilan State Assemblymen, they acted and voted as Alliance members.

Both Chin Chan Sung and Haji Hassan will be expelled by the Central Executive Committee on Nov. 11, the deadline on which they are given, on the basis of their public.

The DAP has no room for political opportunists. Such people should apply for membership with the ruling party.

As elected representatives of the people, every DAP MP and State Assemblyman must maintain a high standard of public service.

The DAP is the people’s party. It is not a party of the tycoons, compradores, landlords, capitalists or feudalists. We will continue to keep in the closest touch and rapport with the hopes and wishes of the people, and will never grow aloof from the people.

If the people have any complaints against any DAP Member of Parliament or State Assemblyman, they are welcome to write in to me at DAP Headquarters, 77 Road 20/9, Paramount Garden, Petaling Jaya or to Party Chairman, Dr. Chen Man Hin, No.2, Lemon Street, Seremban, and we will look into their complaints.