Creation of new DAP post

Creation of new DAP post

The DAP Central Executive Committee has created a new post to mount the political offensive which the DAP launched in September last year. This post is Secretary for Publicity and Propaganda.

The DAP CEC has been satisfied with the political progress of the Party in the last few months, when we were able to take the initiative in many fields. The most outstanding instance of course is in the field of the fight for the upliftment of the lot of the 750000 new villages.

The DAP has been so successful in highlighting the plight and 20-year neglect of the 750000 new villagers in the country, and in bringing this 20-year problem to the centre of national attention and concern, that the government was compelled to appoint a new Minister specially charged with the portfolio of new villages. Hence the appointment of Dr. Lim Keng Yaik as Minister.

The DAP will now be mounting up our political offensive to a higher pitch, and the newly-created post of Secretary for Publicity and Propaganda will be directing this political offensive.

The CEC has appointed Sdr. Lee Lam Thye, until now DAP National Organising Secretary, to be the first DAP Secretary for Publicity and Propaganda. Sdr. Felix Anthony, State Assemblyman from Perak, has been appointed Assistant Secretary for Publicity and Propaganda. Sdr. Jamaluddin bin Mohamed has also been appointed Deputy Publicity and Propaganda Secretary.

Sdr. Fan Yew Teng has been appointed to take over the post of National organizing Secretary. His two Assistant Organising Secretaries are: Sdr. Lau Dak Kee and Sdr. Muluk bin Daud.

Sdr. Lim Cho Hock, M.P. for Batu Gajah and State Assemblyman for Tanjong Tuallang, has been appointed Deputy Secretary-General in Sdr. Fan’s place.

The CEC has also made the following editorial appointments for 1972:

Editor of Rocket (English): Sdr. Fan Yew Teng
Editor of Rocket (Bahasa Malaysia): Sdr. Lani Kassim
Editor of Rocket (Chinese): Sdr. Chian Heng Kai
Editor of Rocket (Tamil): Sdr. K. Raman.