DAP welcomes Malaysian recognition of Bangladesh

DAP welcomes Malaysian recognition of Bangladesh

The DAP welcomes the Malaysian government’s recognition of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh.

We are glad that the Malaysia Government has at last recognized the international reality and fact of the emergence and existence of the new Asian state – the People’s Republic of Bangladesh.

The DAP had repeatedly called for immediate recognition of the Bangladesh since the birth of the new nation.

Our representative to the International Conference on Bangladesh in New Delhi in September 1971, Dr.A.Soorian, M.P. called at that conference for immediate world recognition of Bangla Desh.

It will be recalled that some UMNO backbenchers mounted a ferocious attack on the DAP in the December session of Parliament for attending the international conference on Bangladesh and for our humanitarian concern for the sufferings of the people of Bangladesh. We had stood our stand, and this is now vindicated by the Malaysian government’s recognition of Bangladesh.

The People’s Republic of Bangladesh has literally gone through hell to be born, and its birth pangs had been accompanied by great human cost in terms of millions killed, mutilated, maimed and made destitute and homeless.

Bangladesh is however a great testimony of the imperishable and unconquerable human spirit for freedom, equality and justice and is a shining example for millions of suffering, downtrodden and suppressed throughout the world.

Sheikh Mujibur Rahman and his colleagues in the Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh face the great task of the reconstruction and development of her shattered economy and rehabilitation of displaced persons.

Malaysia should join with other States to give all help and assistance to the Government of Bangla Desh in its present travails.

The DAP is particularly glad that the ASEAN nations had acted with some consistency on this question of the recognition of Bangladesh. Thailand, Singapore and the Philippines have already recognized Bangladesh. Indonesia is expected to announce her recognition soon.

It is important that Malaysia should establish close and friendly ties with her new near neighbour, which is the second largest Muslim nation with her 70 million people.

I urge that Malaysia take the initiative to get the ASEAN nations together to proffer some concrete form of help to Bangladesh in her present hour of greatest need in economic development and reconstruction.

This would not only be a great gesture of friendship on the part of Malaysia, and the ASEAN nations, but will positively contribute to the stability and harmony of South and South East Asia.