Challenge to Tun Tan Siew Sin to publicly expose and rid MCA of corrupt leaders

Statement at a Press Conference in Ipoh of 6th March, 1972

Challenge to Tun Tan Siew Sin to publicly expose and rid MCA of corrupt leaders

I challenge Tun Tan Siew Sin to publicly expose and rid the MCA of corrupt and decadent political leaders in the MCA at national, state and local levels to prove that the MCA is a clean party.

The MCA is the most unclean political party in Malaysia. In every state, town, and village, the local residents know of MCA political leaders who have waxed fat and rich by making use of their political position for personal private gain, as by getting mining leases, land, business contracts etc.

The corruption in the MCA will not end by just a speech by Tun Tan Siew Sin, unless his public statement of wanting to rid his party of corrupt leaders is backed up by action.

Two years ago, the press reported that the Anti-Corruption Agency has caught a “big shark” in Malacca, who is able a top political leader in the State. His numerous bank accounts were frozen and the public was promised that appropriate legal action was being instituted against him. However, nothing happened and clearly this “big political shark” was allowed to escape from the net.

Everyone in Malacca knows about this incident, and I am sure Tun Tan Siew Sin, coming from Malacca himself, knows better than anyone else about this affair. I challenge Tun Tan Siw Sin to re-open this case and bring to book this “big political shark”. I believe Tun Tan Siew Sin will not do this, and this is why I am very skeptical about the real determination of the MCA to rid itself of corrupt political leaders.

If Tun Tan Siew Sin is really sincere in wanting to rid his party of corrupt and decadent political leaders, who had been the people’s parasites for the last decade and more, then I challenge him to do the following three things:

(1) Require every MCA Minister, State Executive Councillor, Member of Parliament, State Assemblyman to publicly declare his personal assets and next of kin, now and previous to his assuming office. Ministers State Executive Councillors, Members of Parliament and State Assemblymen who have acquired unusual fortunes and could not justify that they had acquired them by proper means should have their new wealth confiscated and themselves removed.

(2) Require every MCA State Executive Councillor to reveal the full extent of his personal and private business interests, because it is common knowledge that Alliance State Executive Councillors make use of their official positions to enhance their personal interest;

(3) Submit every national, state, and local MCA leader before a public inquiry to prove that everyone of them had not been corrupt and decadent and had not sucked the blood of the people they pretended to serve for the last decade and more.

Will Tun Tan Siew Sin do this to free the people of the MCA pests and parasites?