The Goh Hock Guan Affair (4)

Statement by DAP Secretary-General and Member of Parliament for Bandar Melaka, Mr. Lim Kit Siang, on Wednesday, 21st June 1972
The Goh Hock Guan Affairs

I am today releasing the letter Goh Hock Guan wrote to me on October 15, 1970, after I had withdrawn as Chairman of Selangor State Sub-Committee in his favour, and a few days after my meeting of party leadership and responsibility, as National Vice Chairman. At that meeting, he demanded to become Party Chairman, but I made it very clear to him that it was completely out of the question.

I will leave the public to draw their own conclusions from the letter, for I believe truth speaks louder than falsehoods:

“Dear Kit,

With your press release that I am back in polities as Chairman of the interim Selangor State Sub-Committee, press have been after me!

I suggest that we put into effect what we discussed in Penang in the following manner:

First step: Chairman C (Dr. Chen Man Hin) will write a letter immediately to me and also you on the party’s intention to present the party’s medal for signal contribution to the cause of Malaysian Malaysia. Contents of the letter and citation to be made known to public via press. Citation should come in your case the following.

a) Your outstanding courage in coming back to KL in the face of certain arrest.

b) By your unjust arrest the Govt has given the DAP and the country a martyr and hero who is now the very symbol of a multi-racial Malaysian Malaysia.

c) You have become the inspiration for all.

d) Your contribution as Organising Secretary of the Party and its Editor of the devastating “Rocket” which contributed greatly to the success of the Party, etc.

In my case, the following citation:

1) The contribution made in the difficult days, following the May riots by mobilising world opinion (something little known to public) seeing that nothing could be permitted or done at home by the authorities in London to put pressure on KL to achieve

a) An early restoration of parliamentary democracy

b) Your release from detention through Amnesty International and Socialist International;
Both of the above culminated in your release now and the resumption of partial democracy in Malaysia. Also in addressing to the Socialist International which represents 52 parties and membership of 30 million over members, put forward an objective account of May 13th and so cleared the distortion re the role of opposition on May 13th;

c) Leadership provided in building DAP from wrecks of the Singapore separation in August 1965 culminating in DAP’s brilliant victory in the May 69 General Election. Also victory in Bungsar parliamentary constituency and Salak State constituency – represent an all-time record in voters’ support.

Second Step: DAP Malaysian Malaysia medal to be presented to you and me during Party’s Delegates Conference.

Third Step: Chairman C will announce at Delegates’ Conference my return to polities, why is it necessary, read out citation, the VC (Vice Chairman) job. I suggest also that I take on the job of Chairman, Party Discipline Committee and effectiveness,

Those are my thoughts. You and Chen may have better ideas. I am writing at Airport to Singapore. My wife shifting house to go to be more free often end of month.