DAP welcome the joint communiqué between North and South Korea on reunification

DAP welcome the joint communiqué between North and South Korea on reunification

The DAP welcomes the joint communiqué by North and South Korea which agreed to the reunification of the country by peaceful means and not by the use of force, and through independent Korean efforts without external imposition or interference.

It is another step in the lessening of tension in Asia and the world.

Undoubtedly, the Korean peace breakthrough is one of the results of the new pattern of the international power politics set by President Nixon’s visit to Peking and his summit meetings with Chairman Mao Tse Tung and Premier Chou En Lai, which started a new page in the history of international relations.

By accepting China’s rightful place and role in world affairs, which the United States of America had for 22 years stubbornly and short-sightedly refused to acknowledge, the world has now great opportunities for an era of co-operation as against confrontation.

Rigid postures and attitudes which have been frozen for over two decades are beginning to thaw, and the energies and resources of mankind can now turn from destructive pursuits engendered by mutual suspicion, hate and enmity, to more constructive and creative endeavours directed at giving every man a decent life, home, meal and leisure, freed from the curses of disease, poverty, ignorance and want.

The peace-loving people of the world would like to see the end of the 20-year-old Vietnam war. The Americans should forthwith stop all bombing of North Vietnam, mining of North Vietnamese ports, and withdraw all its troops so that the Vietnamese people can decide their own national destiny.