Formation of Selangor Interim Standing Sub-Committee

To DAP Selangor Branches

Formation of Selangor Interim Standing Sub-Committee


The Central Executive Committee, at its meeting of July 16, 17972, decided that there is an urgent need for the re-organisation of the Selangor DAP.

With this end in view, the Central Executive Committee has also decided to form an Interim Standing Sub-Committee in place of the existing Selangor State Standing Sub-Committee to carry through the re-organisation of Selangor DAP and transform it into a more competent, efficient and united political machinery.

The CEC took the above decisions under Clause XII (3) Sub-Clauses (8) and (9) which read respectively:

8.In the event of the dissolution of any Standing State Sub-Committee by the Central Executive Committee, a new Standing State Sub-Committee shall be reconstituted by the Central Executive Committee, in accordance with Clause XII sub-clause(1) of this Constitution, not more than six months after such dissolution.

9. During the interim period, the Central Executive Committee may form an Interim Standing Sub-Committee, and appoint its officials and members.

It is now decided to hold the inaugural meeting of the Selangor Interim Standing Sub-Committee on Friday, August 4, 1972 at 63-D Jalan Sultan, Kuala Lumpur at 7.30p.m.

Your branch is requested to nominate a representative to sit on the Selangor Interim Standing Sub-Committee. Such nomination should reach me before August 4.

The agenda for the August 4 meeting shall be as follows:

1. Opening remarks by Secretary General
2. Formation of Interim Selangor State Sub-Committee
3. General

The formation of the Selangor Interim Selangor State Sub-Committee should mark the opening of a new chapter of the DAP activities in the State of Selangor, which will herald the end of years of stagnation, lack of direction and disunity and the beginning of a pushful, dynamic and expanding party machinery and organisation in the premier state of the country.

The co-operation of your branch in this new task of the DAP in Selangor is vital if we are to make a real impact in Selangor politics, now and even more important, in the imminent general elections.

Yours fraternally,

(Lim Kit Siang)
Secretary-General DAP

c. c. National Chairman

Note: Selangor DAP MPs and SAs will also be members of the Interim State Sub-Committee and should attend the meeting of August 4.