From the SG’s Desk


With the restoration of a united leadership, disciplined party and a credible political image following the party purges of June 18, 1972, the DAP has already embarked on a series of political and organisational initiatives.

The expansion of the Party in Perak, especially in the Kinta Valley, has been unusually rapid. Since May 1, the Black Day for the people of Perak for on that day the PPP entered into Alliance coalition embrace, the DAP has formed half a dozen branches in the Kinta vicinity, two of which had already been officially opened.

Selangor is being reorganised and reactivated under the leadership of Sdr. Fan Yew Teng, and in the next few months, we should see the healthy reorganisation of the DAP in Selangor.

In the last one month, we had not been idle on the political front. In fact, we had launched a great political offensive on the question of low quality and standard of education our children are receiving in Malaysia schools.

This campaign has just started in the initial stages, and it is the duty and responsibility of every DAP leader, State, branch and member to make his contribution to make this campaign a burning national issue which is discussed, worried over and thought about in every household in the country.

Booklet on ‘Falling Standards of Education in Malaysia’

As members and branches are aware, we have printed the second in our series of DAP policy pamphlet series. This is in English, priced at 20 cents each. Branches should exert their utmost to sell the maximum number of copies of this booklet to their townsmen and people, for every booklet sold is a voter-family won.

I suggest that branches should draw up plans to organise group sales of this booklet in their respective areas.


Publicity is divided into external publicity and internal publicity. I wish to say something about internal publicity, to keep our members informed about party activities and developments.

Branches would have realised by now that for the last months or so, they have not been receiving much material from the Headquarters concerning press statements and speeches by National leaders. This is being deliberately done to save money.

Where statement or speeches by national leaders have been printed in the newspapers, the headquarters will not send them to branches. The branches should cut out the press reports and put them on their walls or notice boards.

There is need for all branches to make maximum use of their wall space to put up press reports of DAP activities through press can have a great impact not only on general members of the public, but our own members too.

I would suggest therefore, henceforth, all branches should have one member or a committee to lock after this, and every time a National or State leader visits a branch, he should inspect such presentation.