Answer to the question Lim Kit Siang asked at the recent session of Parliament

DAP Member of Parliament for Bandar Melaka, Mr. Lim Kit Siang, has received written answers to the following questions which he asked at the recent session of Parliament:

Question (1): To ask the Minister of Defence
(i) when will work begin on the building of the Lumut naval base;
(ii) what steps are being taken to ensure fair and equitable compensation to the squatters and landowners who will be affected by the government acquisition of the land for the Lumut base project; and
(iii) whether the Government is aware of the reservations among the people of Sitiawan about the sitting of the naval base in Lumut, and whether he would give the people of Lumut an ample opportunity to give their views on the matter.
Answer: Minister of Defence(Tun Abdul Razak)
(i) Work on the Lumut Naval base project will begin sometime in mid 1973.
(ii) As regard to the compensation to the people in the affected area, the matter is being dealt with by Perak State Government in accordance with the law presently enforced in the state.
(iii) The reaction of the people affected by the project is understandable though it has never been represented by any sources. However, Government has already considered the pros and cons of the arguments about the project and has come to the conclusion that the benefits of this project, economically or otherwise will certainly outweigh whatever inconveniences experienced by the people during its initial phase and as such there is no necessity to open this matter for further discussion.

Question (2): To ask the Minister of Technology, Research and Local Government to state the extent of the implementation of the Athi Nahappan Royal Commission Report, and the Government’s plans and intention on the subject.

Answer: In pursuance of the decision of the national Council for Local Government that State Governments restructure their local authorities, some of the State Governments have been in consultations with my Ministry on suggested lines of the proposed restructuring in their respective States. I am certain that the remaining State Government are also giving active consideration to this matter. The progress achieved by each of the State Government in the matter of local authorities would be reviewed by the National Council for Local Government at its meetings from time to time.

Question (3): To ask the Minister of Communications
(i) to state the number of outstanding applications for telephones in the Klang area still on the waiting list;
(ii) what steps his Ministry is taking to solve this back-log of telephone applications in Klang; and
(iii) whether he is aware if widespread dissatisfaction and complaint at the delays and rudeness of some Klang telephone board operators when the public tried to make trunk calls, and whether he would instruct all the telephone operators to be polite and courteous to the public.

Answer: Tan Sri Haji Sardon bin Jubi

(i) The waiting list for telephones in Klang as on 1.7.72 is 316.
(ii) The Klang Telecoms will increase by 1,000 lines, which is expected to be ready by the end of this year or early 1973.
(iii) As far as I know, the telephone service in Klang is satisfactory. Operators are often checked by Supervisors and they are instructed to be polite and courteous at all ties to the public. Stern action will be taken against any one who goes against this directive.