1976 New Year Message by Ketua Pambangkang and DAP Secretary-general, Lim Kit Siang

1976 New Year Message by Ketua Pambangkang and DAP Secretary-general, Lim Kit Siang

Malaysians must be prepared for far-sweeping political develop months and shanges in the next 12 months

1975 had been a year of momentous changes for Malaysians, both internationally and internally.

It was a year which marked the end of a generation of war in Vietnam, which culminated in the ignominous defeat of the American superpower and the communist successes in South Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos.

The consequences of the communist victories in Indo-china are not confined to their own borders, but reach far beyond them. The emergence of a re-united Vietnam marks the rise of a new Asian giant with great influence in the future developments in Asia, and especially in South East Asia.

Thailand’s fate, with the deteriorating conditions in both North and South of Thailand, has become a much-asked question in thinking circles. It is no secret that many astute political observers are talking in terms of two or three years with regard to Thailand’s future.

The year 1975 saw the sharp rise in the incidence of urban and jungle guerrilla activities of the Malayan Communists accompanied by a great increase in the number of repressive laws assumed by the Government, like the Universities and University Colleges fAct, the Essential(security Cases) Regulations 1975.

It would be a great mistake, however, for these in authority to continue to regard more and more repressive laws as to answer to increased urban and guerrilla warfare. In fact, as shown by the experiences in Vietnam and elsewhere, increasingly repressive laws which disregard the basic rights of the people have the counter-productive effect of crating the conditions on which the urban and jungle guerrillas on flourish even more.

The one and only answer to and overcome the challenge of the urban and jungle gurillas a must lie in winning the hearts and minds of Malaysians of all races through a review and change of a whole range of government policies so that all Malaysians regardless of race can belong fully and feel fully part of this land and associate unidentify with the political, economic, educational, social, uncultural politics of the country.

The 1975 saw the setting the motion of great political fees which will continue to take shape in the new year. Malaysians must be for far-sweeping political developments anchanges in the next 12 months. It is likely that politics will dominate Malaysian life for 1976. The political situation is now so fluid, that it is difficult to what would take place in the next 12 months.