From the SG’s Desk

Saudara-saudara dan saudari-saudari,

The first issue of the English Rocket journal for 1977 will appear by the latest in the first week of September. After that, we English Rocket will appear monthly on time. Sdr. P. Pattoo will be responsible to see that this is done.

Rockets in other languages cannot yet be published as the Home Affairs Ministry permit for them have not been issued.

The planning and production of Rocket journals and other publicity and political materials is only the first half of the challenge of making a breakthrough to communicate with the people of Malaysia. The other half is that of dissemination, to ensure that every copy of publication issued by the Headquaters is given out to the rakyat to read. At this juncture, it will be an inexcusable waste of effort and resources if party liaterature are allowed to gather dust.

All State and branch leaders must therefore shoulder this responsibility to ensure that party literature are disseminated to the people.

National and state leaders must be mobile

You would have by now received the REVISED Party Diary, The Party is on the Move and on the Go.

To increase this momentum, all national and state leaders must be mobile, must move around the country and states to help accelerate the tempo of our political campaigns.

I hope to read of the separate programmes of national and state leaders in future numbers of the Party Diary.

Candidates for next general elections

With the acceleration of the general elections preparations campaign, there will be greater excitement and challenge. However, we must be calm and cool-headed and not be carried away, especially in things we say to the Press.

I have read in a press report that a DAP official has said that he would be contesting in a particular named constituency in the next general Elections. This is improper, as who will contest in which constituency in the next general elections will have to be decided by the Central Executive committee. This applies to elected MPs and State Assemblymen as well.

Administrative Officer

The Headquarters has engaged an administrative officer, who is on probation. He is Sdr. Mattew Ng. branches and members can liaise with Sdr. M. Nair and Sdr. MattewNg, at Headquarters, in connection with party matters.