From the SG’s Desk

Saudara-Saudara, Saudari-Saudari

The first issue of Rocket (English) has been published, and it is now the responsibility of every State sub-committee and branch to push maximum sales of the Rocket in their respective states – for this is seeding the minds of Malaysians for the next general elections.

There must be a sense of urgency in getting party literature out into the streets and homes of the public. We must not allow party literature to stack up in our offices and branches.

The October issue of the Rocket will be published in two weeks’ time, so the target date for the disposal of all the Sept. English Rocket should be just two weeks.

A special booklet, on the occasion of the first anniversary of the detention of Sdr. Chian Heng Kai and Sdr. Chan Kok Kot, is in the advanced state of publication, and will be ready in the second part of October. Special party pamphlets in Bahasa Malaysia and Tamil will also be produced in October/

All States and branches should be organizationally geared up for intensive political and publicity activities for the next six to eight months, including the dissemination of all party literature.

Spirit of comradeship must govern relationship of party leaders and members

I have visited all the State Sub-Committees expect Alor Star, whcih I hope to make it in a fortnight. At State and branch committee meetings, it is essential that the spirit of comradeship should be the prevailing attitude governing not only the relationship between leaders and members, but the guiding approach at all meetings, however heated and intense the discussion or exchanges. I do not want to see rancour, spite or even malice injected and pervading internal party meetings or gatherings.

The next General Elections

After my tour of the various States, I sense a certain electricity in the couutry, which is akin to the atmosphere before the 1969 general elections.

The country is ready for great political changes in the next general elections. The question is whether we are ready, politically and organisationally, for the great changes ahead.

I announced in the formation of the Alor Gajah DAP Branch yesterday, when Sdr Rahim bin Dasir, PSRM State Secretary of Malacca for six years from 1968-1974, joined our ranks together with this group of PSRM members, that the DAP has an Open Door Policy and welcome into our fold all Malaysians who believe in our political objective of a democratic socialist Malaysia; and who are prepared to abide by Party Discipline, for without party discipline, no party can last or emerge as a serious force.

The DAP must actively work to become an even more BROADLY-BASED political movement. This is our immediate challenge.